Day 2 Of The Elite 200 Prospect Camp In Germany

Day 2 of the Elite 200 Prospect Camp at Aggerstadion in Troisdorf, Germany broke clear and cold but the 240 athletes ranging in age from 14 to 18 seemed more settled and determined.

The first day jitters among the campers had vanished to be replaced by a determination to perform and improve.

With German national team coaches barking orders and the ESPN Recruiting Nation and Under Armour All-American Game crews looking on, the players were entering the serious phase of the camp. One on one drills in the morning including seven on sevens and inside run would gave way to a full pad scrimmage in the afternoon.

These players from all across Germany and as far away as Poland, Austria and Switzerland had already undergone the first day of scrutiny and many were no doubt now aware that they were competing with some of the best young talent in Germany and in Europe.


QB Leo Kober from Austria’s Vienna Vikings program continued to impress Day 2

As ESPN analysts Craig Haubert and Gerry Hamilton, recruiting evaluator Jason Swepson along with Billy Tucker who is the director of the Under Armour All-American Game, watched closely, the 240 odd hopefuls knew the scrimmage was their time to shine. Camp Director Francisco Lujan (3Step Sports) kept proceedings moving briskly and American Football Verband Deutschland (AFVD) vice president Peter Springwald made sure the operation ran smoothly.

About the Elite 200 Prospect Camp: Germany

This camp is the first-of-its-kind to take place outside of the United States and it is evidence of the expansion and popularity of the iconic American sport. The intent is to serve as a pilot program for identifying future potential American team players globally and to provide them with a platform to garner online/media presence and access to recruiters and analysts.

Camp Leaders

  • 3STEP Sports’ (ESPN) Operational Staff from the Under Armour Football Camp Series
  • German Football Federation & American Football & Cheerleading Verband Nordrhein-Westfalen (AFCVNRW)
  • Troisdorf Club host committee

Day 2 at Elite 200 Prospect Camp, Germany

The handful of players who really stood out Day 1, including quarterback Leo Kober (6′, 182 lb) from Austria’s Vienna Vikings youth program, 6’2″, 190 lb receiver Zavier Scott, a Texas transplant, defensive lineman Leon Schmid (6’2″, 245 lb) and 6’3″, 280 lb offensive lineman Yannik Rohrschneider both from Germany continued to shine Day 2.


Other players began to emerge as the action moved from the morning drills to the highly anticipated afternoon session. And once the referees arrived, everyone knew the camp had changed.


Strangely though, it was the offense that took charge early on in the scrimmage. The coaches had plucked out the players for the first team offensive line which included Rohrschneider but also dual passport guard/tackle Derek Davis and massive German right tackle Max Bruder (6’10”, 255 lb) and they dominated especially in the early going.

Kober wasted no time moving the offense down the field finding Scott who made a spectacular leaping catch.

In fact, Scott proved that his 4.4 40 time from Day 1 could translate on the field as time and again he beat the secondary.

Defensive lineman Leon Schmid gave the starting offensive line problems the entire scrimmage.


DL Leon Schmid and WR Zavier Scott enhanced their value Day 2

Nevertheless, coaches and analysts remained impressed with the play of Rohrschneider. He is definitely a Div. I prospect according to Hamilton, Haubert, Swepson and Tucker and rightfully earned top camp honors from all four with Tucker handing out the award at the end of camp.

Rohrschneider, whose name was the only thing about him that gave coaches problems, looked comfortable and at times dominant whether playing at left tackle, guard or even at center.


Yannik Rohrschneider was a standout at the Elite 200 Prospect Camp. Here he receives top camp honors from Under Armour All American Game Director Billy Tucker

Too many quality players to mention

There were plenty of other players to watch including 6’1″ 191 lb quarterback Moritz Johannknecht, 6’3″, 200 lb Polish transplant defensive end Szymon Tloczkowski, and 14-year-old defensive end Sadik Erich Busch (6’2″, 188 lb).

Undersized linebacker Alexander Ploechinger (5’8″, 180 lb) disrupted the offense constantly, 5’7″, 163 lb running back Francesco Imbriani had a knack for making tacklers miss, and wide receiver Jan Dupont-di-Moutassy (6’1″, 170 lb) displayed good quickness, were among some the standouts last weekend.

Plans for 2017

All in all, camp organizers were extremely happy with the camp including the huge number of athletes who attended, the level of talent and commitment, the organization and the location. ESPN, 3Step and Under Armour along with the American Football Federation of Germany are already drawing up plans for at least another camp in 2017 and also eyeing other countries for similar events.

Photo credits: Andreas Heinen

Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.