Defending Portuguese champion Lisboa Devils hosting Lisbowl invitational tournament

Portugal’s Lisboa Devils, defending Portuguese champions and winners of three of the last four titles in Portugal, are inviting Europe to the Portuguese capital.

On the weekend of June 27 and June 28, the Devils will be staging Lisbowl Festival invitational at the Estádio Universitário de Lisboa, (Lisbon University Stadium), and are looking for opponents.

The event is intended to be a two-day tournament, initially with four teams playing with semifinals on June 27 and final on the 28th. That might change.

According to Ricardo Jaeger Rodrigues, a member of the Devils and one of the driving forces behind the tournament, almost 30 teams have already shown interest, asking for more information. Requests have come in from France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and Sweden with more coming in every day. The tournament has attracted a ton of interest.

“We have had 29 teams write to ask us to send more information which is really exciting. We didn’t realize this would attract so much interest. We started planning for this late last year. We want to make this a major tournament that takes place every year.”

In other words, LisBowl is turning into a big deal. With interest in the game growing rapidly all over Europe and the world, this is a great concept, especially for smaller clubs.

Rodrigues explains the timing of the event:

“We are aware that some countries are still playing and we tried to find a weekend that would work. Since our season ends at the end of May, we could not wait much longer.”

If your team is interested, send a message to [email protected] and visit their Facebook page, Lisbowl Festival 2020.


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