Denmark sets schedule with August 8 kickoff

The Danish American Football Federation has announced the fall schedule for Denmark’s National League.

Five teams will compete –  the Søllerød Gold Diggers, AaB 89ers, Copenhagen Towers, defending champion Triangle Razorbacks and the Aarhus Tigers.

Each team will play four games, two home and two away and one team will be eliminated from post season play.

The semifinals will be held on the weekend of September 19/20 and the Danish final – the Mermaid Bowl – is scheduled for October 3.

The Søllerød Gold Diggers will host the AaB 89ers to open the season at Rundforbi Stadion.

Aug. 083 pmSøllerød Gold DiggersAaB 89ersRundforbi Stadion
Aug. 147 pmCopenhagen TowersSøllerød Gold DiggersGentofte Stadion
Aug. 162 pmAarhus TigersTriangle RazorbacksBøgeskov Idrætsanlæg
Aug. 222 pmAaB 89ersAarhus TigersAaB's anlaeg
Aug. 223 pmTriangle RazorbacksCopenhagen TowersVejle Atletik Stadion
Aug. 292 pmSøllerød Gold DiggersAarhus TigersRundforbi Stadion
Aug. 302 pmAaB 89ersTriangle RazorbacksAaB's anlaeg
Sept. 052 pmCopenhagen TowersAaB 89ersGentofte Stadion
Sept. 062 pmTriangle RazorbacksSøllerød Gold DiggersVejle Atletik Stadion
Sept. 122 pmAarhus TigersCopenhagen TowersBøgeskov Idrætsanlæg

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