Denmark: The Triangle Razorbacks have a giant weapon

Despite their poor win-loss record, the Triangle Razorbacks head into the Danish Nationalliegaen post-season with a newly discovered sense of confidence.

The 2019 champions have ended the year playing their best football of the season. They added playmaker Niko Lester and then earned their first win of the regular season, and did it in convincing fashion. They seem to have a newfound swagger, making them a definite candidate to pull off another championship run.

Throughout the season, one of the strengths of the team has been the play of their huge offensive line. The physically imposing unit has featured 6’3″ Mattias Stockamp, 6’5″ Jawaugn Arnold, and 6’4″ Thies Bagnkop. However, the fifth man in that massively-sized group definitely stands out from the rest.


Magnus Møller, who stands 6’9″ and weighs in at 300 pounds.

Magnus Møller and Mattias Stockamp Photo: Møller family

Møller is definitely hard to miss on the football field. The 18-year old stepped into his first season of eleven-man football this year and has been playing like one of the better linemen in the country. Just 12 months ago, Møller looked like a man among boys, decimating defenders while playing U19 nine-man football.

Møller on joining the senior team this season:

“Making the jump has been the main factor in my development in the last year. I’m always looking for development and absolute performance in games. It’s been this really intense process, suddenly there is so much to take into account because it’s eleven-man.”

Triangle Razorback O-line Photo Credit: SBC Photo

While the left tackle has the quick feet for pass protection, one can see the run game is where he excels. The teenager is no gentle giant, showing a mean streak and physical style of blocking all coaches love to see.

The Razorbacks lineman has quickly become recognized as one of Europe’s best high school prospects. Møller’s size and athleticism have impressed college coaches last year. Even with little to go on besides nine-man film and camp videos, schools showed the Dane serious interest. Now, adding quality game film to the mix has allowed for even more exposure for Denmark’s top high school prospect.

“ I’m playing eleven-man now so I can show what I have to offer. Having this past year and going to national team camps, PPI camps, playing actual games, and getting proper film against really good opponents, it’s been essential for me. 

So far Møller has picked up offers from division one schools such as Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan, UMass, Fordham, and Towson. Off the field, his excellent academic standing has also allowed him to receive offers from Dartmouth, Princeton, and Brown in the Ivy League.

Møller talks about his accelerating recruiting process:

“It just exponentially exploded. Especially in the last year. When it started I was getting a message maybe once a month. Now I’m getting messages from coaches once a day. It’s a lot to deal with but it’s much nicer than a year ago.”

Møller pass blocking Photo Credit: SBC Photo

Back in 2018, the tall 15-year-old first got the idea of playing college football after getting in touch with Brandon Collier of PPI recruits. Showing initiative, Møller sent Collier a message asking him to come to the Danish U16 nine-man national title game and check out some of the country’s best young talent. The teenager did so selflessly hoping to get a few of his teammates recruiting attention. However, after PPI’s Brandon Collier saw the enormous lineman hoisting the trophy, the two have stayed in constant contact.

Møller on his first taste of the recruiting process:

“I never considered recruiting or college football. Nobody told me it’s even a possibility. I thought these guys (PPI) probably want to see the other kids on my team because they are amazing.” He said, “After we won the game I had the trophy in my hand and I took a picture with Brandon.”

Focusing back on this season, the young division one prospect and the rest of the Triangle Razorbacks’ offensive line need to play well Saturday as they’ll line up against a talented Søllerød defensive line. Møller will see plenty of snaps against 2020 All-Star Logan Dykstra (Sioux Falls NCAA D2) in what will be an exciting matchup to watch between two great linemen. Møller remains confident, but is quick to praise the former D2 All-Conference pass rusher:

“I feel pretty good about the matchup. There are a lot of things he can do that Danish kids can’t. He’s a lot more physical than anyone else I meet. It’s gonna be a great fight between me and Logan. But I feel good about it.”

Before heading to the States next fall, Møller and the Razorbacks feel as if they have unfinished business. Møller and his teammates are eager to play spoiler against the top-ranked Søllerød Gold Diggers after appearing to find their stride late in the season.

“The motivation that last week’s win brought us has just created a snowball effect for our team. We are all so sure we are gonna win. The team we are playing has historically lost to use in the semi-finals”. He said “I feel good about it. It’s personal.”

Møller blocking a Gold Diggers defender Photo Credit: SBC Photo

The Triangle Razorbacks enter this weekend’s playoffs with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The underdog team from Vejle looks to be hot at the right time to make another magical run at the Mermaid Bowl. Møller aims to finish the year on a high note before diving into his future college football career.

“The possibility of beating the Gold Diggers, winning the final in my hometown, getting a ring with my first team, and then playing with the national team this fall. It would be the perfect ending to my football in Denmark.

Make sure to watch the Danish semi-finals on Triangle Razorbacks @ Søllerød Gold Diggers, September 25, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 8 am ET)

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