Denmark’s Michel ‘Junior’ Konate & Norway’s Leo Krafft headed to CFL Combine

Running back Michel ‘Junior’ Konate from Denmark and defensive lineman Leo Krafft from Norway have been extended invitations to showcase their skills for Canadian Football League (CFL) general managers, coaches and scouts at the CFL Combine in Toronto from March 26-28. The pair were among 10 players who took part in the CFL Global Combine in Copenhagen, conducted in association with the Danish Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund (DAFF) and the Norwegian Amerikansk Fotball Norge (AFN).

CFL Chief Financial Officer and Head of Football Operations, Greg Dick:

“Copenhagen was the sixth and final CFL Global Combine in Europe and this journey has been eye-opening. Across the entire region, the skill we’ve seen and the players we’ve met have been absolutely incredible. The DAFF and the AFN created a first-class experience and we look forward to returning next year.”

Lars Carlsen, Director of Sport for the DAFF:

“Hosting a CFL Combine in Copenhagen was very special and it would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. I was able to attend BC Lions training camp in 2018 as a guest coach, so I know very well what the CFL has to offer and its level of play. We’re looking forward to one day seeing the first Danish player in the league and we’ll follow the combine with great excitement and hope, cheering for Michel.”

Jorgen Benestad-Johansen, Sports Manager for the AFN, echoed Carlsen’s sentiments regarding the exciting path ahead as the game continues to grow on a global scale.

“The CFL seemed at a far reach not long ago. For our players, just competing for a spot is a great honour. Hopefully, this will be the first of many opportunities for Norwegian players like Leo to show what they are made of. I am very proud of their efforts and so thankful that the CFL and these global combines are shining the spotlight on strong international talent.”

During the 2019 season, CFL rosters featured, for the first time ever, one designated ‘global player’ from outside the U.S. and Canada on each team’s active roster and as many as two more on their practice rosters. In 2020, the number of global players per team will increase to two on the active roster and up-to-three on the practice roster, with as many as 45 global players competing in the league.

Following the two remaining CFL Global Combines in Brazil and Mexico, the full list of global players invited to Toronto will be announced. Information regarding media availability during the CFL Combine can be found here. The 2020 CFL Global Draft will take place on April 16.


Name Position Country League
Aguemon, Jason RB France LEFA (France)
Anderson, Tony * DB France NAIA
Billy, Bryan DB France LEFA (France)
Breidenbach, Sven * OL Germany GFL (Germany)
Dalle Piagge, Lorenzo * DL Italy IFL (Italy)
Engstrom, Malcolm DL Sweden Superserien (Sweden)
Illetschko, Dustin 1 LB Austria GFL (Germany)
Izinyon, David * LB Great Britain GFL2 (Germany)
James, William * DB Sweden GFL (Germany)
Kensy, Marius LB Germany GFL (Germany)
Konate, Michel ‘Junior’ RB Denmark Nationalliga (Denmark)
Krafft, Leo 3 DL Norway NAIF (Norway)
Kyei, Micky * WR Finland GFL (Germany)
Lee, Taku * RB Japan X-League (Japan)
Liesen, Niklas * LB Germany GFL (Germany)
Machino, Tomoya * OL Japan KCAFL (Japan)
Madin Cerezo, Jean-Claude 1 WR Spain GFL2 (Germany)
Mahoungou, Anthony * WR France GFL (Germany)
Mbeleg-Toonga, Glen RB Great Britain GFL (Germany)
Milanovic, Aleksandar 2 OL Austria AFL (Austria)
Ohmi, Yoshihito WR Japan X-League (Japan)
Posunko, Oleksandr 1 DB Ukraine GFL2 (Germany)
Rodney, Justin RB Germany GFL (Germany)
Sagne, Sebastien * WR Finland GFL (Germany)
Takaya, Ryota DL Japan X-League (Japan)
Yamagishi, Akio LB Japan X-League (Japan)

* Recipient of a direct invitation following a CFL Global Combine
1 Attended the CFL Global Combine in Frankfurt, Germany
2 Attended the CFL Global Combine in Florence, Italy
3 Attended the CFL Global Combine in Copenhagen, Denmark


Date Location
March 7 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
March 15 Mexico City, Mexico

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