Denver Broncos’ LB Von Miller describes COVID-19 Symptoms as ‘Frightening’ with ‘Constricting’ Lungs

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller did not fall into the category of being a prospect for contracting COVID-19. Except for having a history of asthma.

He tested positive for the coronavirus in April and suffered through serious symptoms.

Miller revealed the worst of the symptoms in an interview with Kent Babb of the Washington Post:

“Not being able to breathe. I got asthma, but it was past the asthma attack—like my lungs were constricting. My asthma nebulizer helped, but it still didn’t feel like it was supposed to. That was the most frightening part. Just going to sleep knowing that my oxygen level could drop and I could wake up and have to go to the hospital.

“You can’t really taste. You can’t really smell. That in turn kind of messes with your appetite, so you’re not really eating like you’re supposed to. The first four, five days I was honestly nervous. I wouldn’t say that I thought I was going to die or anything like that, but it did cross my mind a little bit.”

This is an athlete who had taken the situation seriously and taken all the right precautions as he told NFL Live via ESPN’s Jeff Legworld:

“I wasn’t out and about. It hit me right here in my house.”

Miller told Babb that the recovery is slow and that he wants to pass what he’s learned to his teammates and others around the league:

“I still feel my lungs trying to get back in shape. It’s just all the wear and tear that it puts on your lungs. They [my teammates] don’t even think it’s real. That’s the craziest part. I told them to take it serious. Take all of this serious. Take social distancing serious.”

Miller said he has returned to training after a 17-day absence.

As of May 13, 1,430,348 people have contracted the coronavirus in the United States with 85,197 deaths.

With excerpts from Bleacher Report, USA Today.

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