Diary of a Producer: Follow AFI’s Allan Price on his Journey in China with the CAFL + Peyton Manning

I’m back home, but not for long…..

Heading into the final week of the CAFL preseason, I will not be alongside the rest of the media team, as I carry out my contract with NFL China for my 2nd Legends Tour of China – this time having the opportunity to follow the great QB Peyton Manning on his few days in China as he promotes the game of football further.


I will, however, see my paths cross as several CAFL players have been invited along to a special forum event with Mr. Manning on Wednesday. During the Shanghai portion of the tour, I get to have 2 nights at home – the calm in the eye of my autumn football storm – returning just in time for our live press conference on September 29th.


The equipment management team prepares 160+ sets of equipment, and personalises them for each team

Prior to this, it has been business as usual for the CAFL media team as we continue to document and announce the ongoing milestones of the league. The major landmark for the teams was the arrival and fitting of the player equipment, provided exclusively by Xenith – after a tough battle with the notorious Chinese customs web, the players are now fully equipped for the season from top to bottom. Combining the Xenith armour, their Sisu mouthguards and their Legend Sportswear uniforms, the teams now have the look to match their growing on field presence.


For one team in particular, there was a chance for a timeout to connect with their hometown. The Beijing Lions were invited to an opening party at the Fun Guide Beijing Ambassador Kick Off event on Friday. Another first – a chance for the city to meet their future idols ahead of opening weekend.


Shanghai QB Shane Austin shares his Instagram experience on the Great Wall trip

Other teams also had the opportunity for time off, as dozens of players headed out to witness the Great Wall of China for the first time. A chance to put the national tour into some wider perspective.

Back at base camp, it was also time to ramp up coverage for the US, through our US broadcasting partner One World Sports. A series of interviews with key figures across the teams will form part of a package to introduce America to their outbound ambassadors, as well as their local counterparts, and bring some of their personal stories that have lead them to this historic position.


‘Owen’ Yan SiGuang at practice with the Dalian Dragon Kings

A glimpse of one story can also be seen – former Shanghai Warriors player (and current Dalian Dragon Kings DE) ‘Owen’ Yan SiGuang gave us a brief glimpse as I followed him for a day to uncover a typical day in the life of these athletes as they get ready for the lights and the crowds at the LeSports Centre in Beijing in October.

– A Day In The Life – ‘Owen’ Yan SiGuang, DE, Dalian Dragon Kings

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Allan was the Presenter and Co-Producer of Gridiron TV for 4 years, and also spent 10 years playing football in the UK, both at university & adult level, with 107 combined games in his career (on offense, defense and special teams). Allan is now