Fundidores & Chad Johnson await Dinos in Monterry, Mexico

The news of Chad Johnson donning a Dinos (now Fundidores) uniform almost overshadowed the Dinos all-important road game against the Fundidores in Monterrey, Mexico Sunday in the Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional.

As mentioned earlier, Johnson, the former Cincinnati Bengal Pro Bowl wide receiver who also played for the New England Patriots and the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes, has agreed to play one game for the Fundidores against the Dinos. It had been stated originally – and in AFI’s story –  that Johnson would play for the Dinos but hours later that was changed.

This gives added spice to a game already full of excitement with only two weeks remaining in the season.

Dinos (2-3) vs Fundidores (1-4)

The biggest match this weekend in the LFA is the one between the squads from the north of the country. The Dinos (Saltillo) will visit the Fundidores after defeating the Condors last week. The Fundidores are playing again in their own stadium after losing against both the Raptors and Condors in Mexico City.

Although Monterrey’s team is not having a great first campaign in the LFA, there is one name that could help them this weekend to win and still dream about playoffs: Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. The former player of the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots will play for only one game with the Fundidores, but the door is open to bring him back next year for the complete season.

Fundidores will welcome WR Chad Johnson to the team. Photo: Eric Wright

First, the league announced that Ochocinco was going to be part of the Dinos’ roster, but hours later they released the news that the wide receiver would be with Fundidores. Fortunately, Fundidores quarterback Roberto Vega is a player who tends to pass the ball instead of running, so Johnson could be the key to defeating the Dinos this time and take revenge for the first week when they lost in Saltillo.

Condors (2-3) vs Mayas (4-1)

The opening game in Jesús ‘Palillo’ Martínez stadium is the one between Mayas and Condors. Both squads are trying to reach playoffs, but the scene for Condors is worse than Mayas, as the reigning champion Mayas are practically with a step inside the postseason and the Condors needs a combination of results in order to keep their aspirations alive.

After they were defeated in week one by the Eagles, the Mayas’ honor was damaged and they went on to win four games straight; in the last one they took their revenge against the Eagles in week five. The defense has had a great season and they have not allowed their rivals to harm them. Also, the Mayas have one of the best offensive teams guided by quarterback Marco García.

The Condors situation is different. They have been on a roller coaster this campaign with two games lost in the beginning, then two consecutive wins against the Eagles and Fundidores, and they returned to the wrong path when they were defeated by the Dinos last weekend. Condors coach Enrique Zapata is having troubles finding his perfect quarterback and running back although he has managed to fix the defensive problems.

Raptors (3-2) vs Eagles (3-2)

Sunday’s last game will be between the Raptors and Eagles. Both teams need the win to make it to the playoffs without problems. Both teams have their futures in their hands but they need to win to keep the problems at bay as the LFA season winds up.

The Raptors’ season has had its up and downs. They won the first games against the Condors and Dinos, but when they traveled to Monterrey where they were defeated by the Fundidores. Next week, they face the Mayas in a possible revenge from last year’s championship, but the squad from Estado de México lost again against the blue and white team. In their most recent game, they upset the Fundidores, but this time in the center of the country.

The Eagles have lost two games also, against the Condors and Mayas. This time, they will try to defeat the Raptors to get to the duel against the Condors with no risk of losing their ticket to playoffs. If they lose and the Condors win this weekend and the next one, they would be miss the postseason in one of the biggest failures of this campaign.

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