Discover the world of sports protection with football ankle braces! Your companion for optimal grip and safety during sports

Betterguards designed innovative football ankle braces for maximum security during quick and powerful movements. The BetterGuard allows you to give your all in the court and feel secure during training, games, or competitions. Are you ready to elevate your performance to a new level?

What does an ankle brace for football do? Innovation, quality, and protection

Ankle orthotics can effectively protect your joints without sacrificing freedom of movement and comfort. When you’re ready to take your game to the next level, ankle orthotics are essential to making that happen. They can improve your performance and protect your joints, but they can also help you get back on the court faster and more safely after an injury. The ankle braces for football are easy to slip on over your socks and feel like a second skin before you slide them into your athletic shoe.

Lace-up ankle brace: Your next step to better performance and safety

Betterguards and its football ankle braces are the new innovative brand for quality protection and support for athletes. The BetterGuard offers the best protection for your ankles during sports without sacrificing freedom of movement and comfort. For this reason, Betterguards developed ankle braces with lacing. They supply a unique combination of stability and flexibility to prevent critical injuries and enhance performance. Whether you’re a running back or quarter back, ankle orthotics are versatile and adaptable to your needs. They provide firm, localized compression to promote circulation and reduce swelling. At the same time, they stabilize your joints, minimize the risk of sprains, and keep your ligaments in top shape

Your training, your rules: Customize the ankle splints to your preferences

One of the features is the versatility of the ankle splints. Ankle braces provide safety and a firm footing, and their timeless designs make them easy to match with the rest of your clothing. Are you already wearing knee and elbow pads? Then you can combine the ankle brace thanks to its timeless colors in black and gray to match. But how do you put on an ankle brace? Slip it over your foot like a sock and adjust it as needed. This adjustability gives you maximum flexibility. 

The evolution of Betterguards ankle braces

Passionate athletes founded Betterguards, recognizing the need for high-quality protection. They started with the goal of developing products that are not only functional but also comfortable, stylish, and above all – durable. Over the years, they collaborated closely with athletes to continuously improve the products and adapt them to the changing needs of different sports and athletes.

Betterguards won the sports technology award 2023 and has two ambassadors in the NFL: the St. Brown Brothers.

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