Double Coverage preview of Week 8 in Great Britain’s Premiership

As part of  the collaboration between American Football International and Great Britain’s premiere American football site, Double Coverage, AFI presents a Week 8 preview done by Double Coverage of the 2017 Premiership North and South conferences.

Bristol Aztecs (1-1)  vs London Warriors (3-1)

Aztecs have currently only played two of the Prem South teams and this week go up against their biggest rivals the current National Champs the London Warriors. The Aztecs currently sit at 1-1 having given the Blitz a good game in Week 4 and will need to show their strength if they wish to compete against the strong Warriors side.

Defensive Coordinator Coach James Wilford said:

‘We are looking forward to Sunday’s game and the challenges it will bring. We know the Warriors are a good program and there’s a reason why they’re national champions. We’ve been preparing hard since our defeat to the Blitz, and Pete Jones has done a great job challenging us defensively in practice and we’ve gotten better because of that. We’ve had some time to get healthy and are looking forward to getting Josh Bailey back on the field.’

Warriors on the other hand have currently played 4 games this season and bar the one point loss to Blitz still look to be the strongest team in the Prem South.

With this Sunday being the first of three match ups against the Aztecs the Warriors could really set the tone for the rest of the season. Their strong team will continue to bring their A game this weekend and I don’t believe the Aztecs will be able to stop them. Warriors to win.

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