Doubt Lamar Jackson at Your Peril

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has been on the receiving end of some unfair criticism from fans and pundits alike. The 22-year old’s playing style certainly isn’t conventional, but that doesn’t make him any less effective with the ball in hand.

Most of the negativity is based around Jackon’s size. He’s 6-foot-2, 212 lbs, and doesn’t fit the mold of a typical long-armed quarterback. However, according to, the statistics suggest that he’s far more effective than people give him credit for.

Warren Sharp, one of the most influential analysts in the game, is confident that Jackson will go on to be a hit success for the Ravens. Sharp passionately defended the Florida-born quarterback on his website and had this to say:

“When you think about Lamar Jackson, you’re thinking about what he was last year. You remember the ducks. You remember the ugly passes. You remember the guy who sometimes didn’t read defenses perfectly. That’s what comes to the front of your mind. You are wrong about Lamar Jackson.”

“You don’t realize what he did last year. There have been only eleven quarterbacks in NFL history to attempt at least 150 passes when they were 21-years old or younger. Lamar Jackson was one of eleven. Where did he rank in passer rating? Number one of eleven. He also ranked number two in adjusted yards per attempt and number two in completion rate.” Sharp continued.

Sharp isn’t the only expert fighting Jackson’s corner. The NFL Network’s Peter Schrager had this to say about the No. 8’s running ability:

“Lamar has this flash to him, these highlights, these amazing different moves that when you see it, you know there’s a potential of sizzle.”

With this in mind, there’s plenty for the Ravens’ quarterback to be proud of. If he makes a few minor adjustments to his game and plays with more confidence, the sky’s the limit and he could write his name into the NFL history books.

Where Can Lamar’s Game Improve?

Jackon’s biggest issue last season was his ball retention. The 22-year old made 12 fumbles in total and even set an unwanted record for the most consecutive games with a fumble.

However, this most likely comes down to a lack of confidence. If you’re constantly focused on trying not to make a mistake, your chances of making one tend to increase. This is the result of lots of pressure on a young man’s shoulders. As Jackson settles in, it’s likely that this area of his game will improve dramatically.

What Does the Future Hold For Jackson?

The question on everyone’s lips is this: can Lamar Jackson silence his doubters by achieving the same stats next season? Several experts certainly think so. History has proven time and time again that the only way to overcome adversity in sport is to let your on-field performances do the talking. There’s no doubt that Jackson certainly has the ability. With further support from the media and fans, we think his game will continue to improve.

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