Dutch Federation possibly facing serious repercussions?

The AFBN  (American Football Federation of the Netherlands), could be facing even more financial trouble if the team does not make to trip to play Team Denmark on October 12.

With the sudden departure of the entire coaching staff, the Dutch federation is scrambling to find a new group of coaches. If they don’t, the consequences could be dire.

Holland withdrew their Dutch Junior Lions from the IFAF 2019 U19 European Championships at the last possible moment. Another pull-out would have far more serious ramifications.

According to gridiron.nl, the bus for the trip has been fully paid and the hotel has been reserved thanks to a guarantee that the players would foot part or all of the bill. But, apparently only a handful of players have actually put money in.

A spokesman for the federation says that this had been settled:

“We coordinated this with the national team coach and his staff after the withdrawal of the Junior Lions. So it is very unfortunate that we are now told that they let the federation spend money, while the staff of Dutch Lions did not know how to go to Denmark.”

If the bus and the hotel have to be canceled, it will cost the AFBN substantial money.

“And that is money that we could use at the moment to invest in sport. Unfortunately, the real losers in this story are the sport in the Netherlands in general and the players of Dutch Lions. They have gotten involved in a fight that you don’t want to be involved in as a player.”

IFAF would look very seriously on another withdrawal by the Netherlands. A hefty fine can be expected according to a source within IFAF as well as a suspension of at least four to five years from international play. Although there has been speculation of a fine of upwards of $50,000, that would not be realistic in this case. According to an IFAF spokesperson, the fine must serve as punishment and a deterrent, but it cannot be so high as to kill the sport in that country. Clearly, if the Dutch federation is struggling to survive, a substantial fine would likely place the organization financial ruin, which is not in anyone’s best interest.

With excerpts from gridiron.nl.


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