Eagles-Steelers Rivalry – Stats & History

Dating back to 1933, the rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers stands as one of the oldest and most captivating in the annals of the NFL.

In its initial three decades, the Steelers and Eagles found themselves in the NFL’s Eastern Division and met twice each year, fostering a heated tradition of gridiron competition. However, following the amalgamation of the American Football League (AFL) and NFL, the landscape shifted. The Steelers assumed a position in the AFC North, while the Eagles found their place in the NFC East, ultimately resulting in infrequent encounters. Since 1970, these two formidable teams have crossed paths on a mere twelve occasions.

Their latest encounter in 2022 culminated in a decisive victory for the Eagles, as they triumphed with a commanding score of 35-13 in Philadelphia. The next meeting is scheduled for 2024; although no date is set at the time of writing, legal gambling in Pennsylvania means that many fans are already thinking ahead to betting on the game—but which side is favored among bookmakers?

While odds on the meeting aren’t yet available, latest performances and odds on the two teams suggest that the Eagles will be the victors. But in the world of the NFL, just about anything could happen between now and then. According to many bookmakers on a reviewed list for 2023 for Pennsylvania, the Eagles opened the 2023 season with odds of winning the Super Bowl of +900, but this has since dropped to +700 before the preseason even begins. Meanwhile, the Steelers have remained at a steady +5000, meaning the experts give them a significantly lower chance of playing well this season.

Bookmakers show similar favor of the Eagles when comparing the two teams’ opening games. The team is favored to win over the Patriots, meanwhile the 49ers are expected to take victory over the Steelers in their opening match of the 2023 season.

The scheduling protocol of the NFL dictates that these teams engage in battle at least once every four years, corresponding with the interconference matchups between the AFC North and NFC East. So, after the 2024 game, fans will potentially have to wait quite some time to see the two PA teams come face-to-face again. Nevertheless, with the recent introduction of the 17-game schedule in 2021, the frequency of their encounters might potentially increase, contingent upon their respective division standings.

Within the Steelers’ roster of rivalries, the clash with NFC East’s Dallas Cowboys stands as a prominent contender. However, the contest against the Eagles holds a distinct significance due to the historical and socio-cultural disparities between the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. While Philadelphia, along with the adjacent Lehigh Valley and Wyoming Valley, embraces its place in the bustling Northeast megalopolis, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania are indelibly associated with the Rust Belt and Appalachia. This regional dichotomy fosters an added layer of intensity to the Eagles-Steelers rivalry, with Central Pennsylvania acting as a contested zone.

The historical records indicate the Eagles maintain an advantageous all-time series lead, boasting a commendable record of 49-29-3. Notably, the two adversaries have met in the playoffs on a singular occasion, in the 1947 Eastern Division Playoff, where the Eagles reigned supreme with a resounding 21-0 victory. Currently situated in divergent conferences, the prospect of their playoff rendezvous lies solely in the event of both teams securing a place in the coveted Super Bowl—an event that has yet to materialize.

Despite this, they have both navigated their way to their respective Conference Championship Games several times; the Eagles have won five times and the Steelers eight. But when it comes to the coveted Super Bowl, the Eagles have only won once, in 2018, while the Steelers etched their name on the trophy an impressive six times, although the most recent was back in 2008.

In essence, the Eagles-Steelers rivalry epitomizes the essence of competitive spirit and captivates the fervor of football enthusiasts nationwide. With each encounter, these titanic forces engage in a gridiron spectacle that captivates and mesmerizes spectators, showcasing the enduring allure of this age-old feud.

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