Early look at the Super Bowl favorites

Even though the start of the 2021-2022 season is still more than a month away, you can still take a look and place a bet on Super Bowl odds for the upcoming season.

While it can seem way too early to dive in, betting in the off season can give you much more bang for your buck if your wager ends up in the green. A great example is a wager on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which was around +1200 in the off season last year. A hundred dollar bet on them last year would have pulled you an astounding $1,200 dollar return.

Since betting in the off season can help you win big, let’s take an early look at the upcoming season’s Super Bowl favorites.

Kansas City Chiefs

Even though they were soundly defeated in the finals by the Tampa Bay Bucs, bookies seem to think the Kansas City Chiefs are the likeliest to take the Super Bowl home. It’s not for nothing, as the Chief’s have among the best squads in the league, with big names like Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hills boosting their stock.

Despite not getting any game changing draft picks in the latest round, their team is strong enough to get through an entire league campaign strongly. They’ve also made the finals two years in a row, winning one and losing one, and bookmakers are willing to bet that the Kansas City Chiefs will be the third team in Super Bowl history to make the finals three times in a row.

The fixture list is also fairly favorable this time around, with most of their away fixtures manageable, except for the Ravens and the Titans, neither of which will lose without a tough fight. Most of their most difficult matches will be hosted at home, giving them the extra boost that cheering fans so often gives their team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The other Super Bowl finalist, and winner, are another favorite of the bookies to win it. Despite Tom Brady pushing his mid-forties, he was still instrumental to their successful campaign, and furthermore, the Buccaneers have managed to hold onto all 22 of their title winning squad.

It has been reported recently that their star quarterback played the entire season with a torn MCL, which could impact their upcoming season should that sideline him early in their campaign.

If, on the other hand, Brady can maintain his consistency in the coming year, it would be no surprise if the Buccaneers can become back to back champions.

Buffalo Bills

After winning an amazing thirteen of their sixteen games, the Buffalo Bills were easily able to top the AFC East with wins to spare. Their playoff form was no slouch either, as the Buffalo Bills were able to dispatch both the Colts and the Ravens, only to end up losing out to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

Their roster has remained largely the same as their most recent campaign, and with stars like Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills are set for another deep playoff run if not ultimate victory. If you’re interested in the latest NFL betting odds, be sure to check out casumo.com for all your sports betting needs.

There’s still a month to go before the start of the 2021-2022 season, but with a bit of due diligence and luck, you’ll be able to make a great bet that’ll make an already exciting Super Bowl final that much more thrilling.

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