Ecuador: Lobos de Quito on top of standings as season winds down

Six out of seven regular season games have been played in Ecuador’s FFAE – Federacion de Football Americano Ecuador (American Football Federation of Ecuador) – and the results are in!

The defending 2016 national champions, Lobos de Quito, maintain their dominant position on top with a 6-0 record going into their final game against third place Condores de Cuenca (5-1) on the 16th of September. In second, and runners up in last year’s final, the Colorados de Santo Domingo are 5-1 with their only loss to the Lobos in the season opener. They play their final game at home against the second to last place Troyanos de Cuenca (1-5) this up and coming weekend, the 9th of September.

The other final games of the season being played out in September before the playoffs begin in October include Caimanes de Guayaquil (3-3) at home verses the Berserkers de Norte (2-4) Quito and Kraken de Sur Quito (2-4) versus the Osos de Puerto Viejo (0-6). It should be an interesting month of results that could change the landscape of the playoffs, especially for Kraken, Berserkers and Caimanes.

Caimanes de Guayaquil

The first round of playoffs will be held on the 14th of October with first round bye’s for 1st and 2nd place while 3rd place will play 6th and 4th place will play 5th. 3rd place and 4th place will have home field advantage in the first round, a vary valuable asset in an up and coming American Football league. Thus, the situation being played out is making it key that either Guayaquil, Berserkers or Kraken take the 4th place based off this months results for home field advantage.


Lobos will most likely maintain their position as 1st, with Santo Domingo in 2nd and Condores in 3rd.

However, 4th, 5th and 6th place may change.

Current Rankings:

4th-Caimanes (3-3) v.. Berserkers
5th-Kraken (2-4) @Osos
6th-Berserkers (2-4) @Caimanes

If Caimaines win at home they will take 4th place hands down and home field advantage going into their first ever playoff round. However, if they lose, and Kraken wins it will become a 3 way tie for 4th place and the following 5th and 6th places will all be determined based off their points for and against difference after the games. Currently, Caimanes have a point difference of -10, Berserkers -18, and Kraken -130. Therefore, if Berserkers win by more points than the difference between them and Caimanes, they could potentially launch themselves into 4th place.

Owen Krebs-Grimsich was born in Oakland, California and grew up in Berkeley, California. He is a Math Teacher at Academia Cotopaxi in Quito, Ecuador and the Head Football Coach of the Lobos De Quito.