Ecuador: 2nd round in Ecuadorian American Football League produced surprises

The FFAE – Ecuadorian National American Football League – finished its second round of games and the results have been somewhat a surprise.

The results give a better sense of who is off to a good start although five more games will be played before playoffs in the month of October and anything is possible. The Lobos de Quito maintain on top of the pack with a 2-0 record and an accumulation of 101 points.

The game against Kraken del Sur (de Quito) was a blowout 73-0.

Next in the standings comes a new team to the league lead by a couple foreigners, the Caimanes de Guayaquil. They are the first team from the coast to be 2-0 in the history of the sport with two shutout wins, with the most recent being 22-0 against the Troyanos de Cuenca.

From there, the Colorados de Santo Domingo who are now 1-1, finally won a game at home versus the Condores de Cuenca who were undefeated before the match. The final result was 28-0.

Lobos of Quito lead the league in Ecuador

In fourth comes the Berserkers del Norte (de Quito), a team who was put through trial and tribulation in the first game of the year being called early do to many personal fouls and player ejections. They were able to return back to form this past weekend travelling 5 hours away to the coastal city of Porto Viejo (1-0) and winning 58-12.

Fifth place goes to the Condores de Cuenca, although they were off to a good start in the first game of the season beating home town rivals Troyanos de Cuenca, they unfortunately could not handle the big offensive and defensive line of Santo Domingo.

The sixth place Kraken del Sur (de Quito), came out victorious in their first match against the Berserkers del Norte (de Quito), 14-8 due to a premature ending. That gave them lots of confidence to host the Lobos de Quito at home, but unfortunately they were no match for the former national champs.

Seventh place goes to the Troyanos de Cuenca, who have endured 2 straight losses but surely will be coming back for more in their next match.

Lastly, the Osos de Porto Viejo on the coast have also lost back to back games but by more points. Their head coach, Nicolay Parraga is hopeful they will come out on top in the next match.

Games played with final scores:

Week 1
Lobos 27 – Colorado’s 6
Camianes 30 – Osos 0
Kraken 14 – Berserkers 8
Condores 14 – Troyanos 6
Week 2
Lobos 73 – Kraken 0
Caimanes 22 – Troyanos 0
Colorados 28 – Condores 0
Berserkers 58 – Porto Viejo 14

Next Game 3’s coming up with dates, times and locations:
Week 3:

Lobos de Quito @ Caimanes de Guayaquil 3:30 PM May 27th
Osos de Porto Viejo @ Colorados de Santo Domingo 1:00 PM May 27th
Condores @ Kraken 1:00 PM June 3rd
Troyanos @ Berserkers 1:00 PM June 3r

Owen Krebs-Grimsich was born in Oakland, California and grew up in Berkeley, California. He is a Math Teacher at Academia Cotopaxi in Quito, Ecuador and the Head Football Coach of the Lobos De Quito.