Egypt: Cairo Wolves, Hell Hounds advance to Egyptian Bowl IV

After 10 weeks, the Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) regular season ended with the MSA Tigers and Cairo Wolves making it to the playoffs from the West division and the GUC Eagles and Cairo Hell Hounds from the East. The best in the East and West played for a chance to compete for the Egyptian Bowl title.

Cairo Wolves 27 – MSA Tigers 6

The Cairo Wolves played their best football game of the year in beating the MSA Tigers and earning their first ever berth in the Egyptian Bowl.  The Tigers had some good drives and came close to scoring a few times but the Wolves dominated the game most of the time.

Cairo Hell Hounds 14 – GUC Eagles 10

The second game had an intense beginning as the Hell Hounds scored the first touchdown after a few seconds from a kick return. Then they got a two-point conversion, making the score 8-0. The Eagles scored a field goal then a touchdown, taking the lead 10-8. The game’s pace slowed down after that and neither team was able to score, until the Hell Hounds scored a touchdown after a spectacular catch two yards from the Eagles’ endzone then a run, making the score 14-10. The Hounds denied the Eagles any chance to score till the end of the game and thus remained undefeated this season and earning their place in the Egyptian Bowl.

The Wolves will be playing against the Hounds for the Egyptian Bowl title on Friday, May 11th, which would be the first title for either team.

This is the first time in ENFL history that the Eagles did not make it to the championship game. The Eagles have won the title three years in a row and had been undefeated for four seasons until they lost to the Hounds in week 4 of the regular season. The Eagles still have the record for most consecutive wins and most titles. This is also the first time ever for the Wolves to make it to the Egyptian Bowl. The Wolves have become the first and only team to get a shot at the Egyptian Bowl title for both men and women.

Egyptian Flag Football League – EFFL

The Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) final takes place on the same day. The defending champions, the Cairo Wolves, have a chance to win their second title when they play against the Cairo Warriors on Friday.

The Wolves have had their ups and downs this season while the Warriors remain the only undefeated team in the EFFL and they beat the Wolves 12-6 in the regular season.

The Playoffs have been surprising, and the winner of the Egyptian Bowl is likely to be just as unpredictable.