Egypt: GUC Eagles flatten Titans, MSA Tigers dominate Thunder

The Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) rolled through its sixth week of play with the GUC Eagles rebounding from their historic first loss ever and the MSA Tigers dominating.

The GUC Eagles needed a big win in their game against the AUC Titans, after losing for the first time in their history a couple of weeks ago. And they got it as they crushed the Titans 53-0 proving that once again, they will be contenders for the Egyptian title which they have won two straight years.

In the absence of starting quarterback Taylor Budd who left the team, the Tigers still  managed to generate plenty of offense, trouncing the Thunder 62-6. With the win, the Tigers stay in the hunt for the ENFL title.

Upcoming games

Week 7 kicks off with a strong game as the Cairo Bears face the Cairo Wolves, whose offense hasn’t made a statement since their first game of the season against the Thunder. The Bears have played better games so far and would seem to be the favorites; the Wolves will need to play an incredible game to get the win. The Hell Hounds will face the Cairo Warriors in the second game this week, which is very likely to end in another high score for the Hounds.

Egyptian Flag Football League

Round 6 of the Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) has closer matchups. The Titans beat the Bears in the first game of the week 20-8 and then the Wolves suffered their second loss in a row in a very close game against the Warriors 12-6. This was a game that was very impressive defensively as the Wolves defense got 8 interceptions.  But the Wolves offense hasn’t been playing up to their level and failed to capitalize on these opportunities. The Eagles got another win against the Tigers 28-0 in the last game of the round. The Warriors and Eagles have already secured their places in the playoffs, leaving the Wolves, Titans, Thunder and Bears to fight over the remaining two spots.

Upcoming games

The Wolves are looking to redeem themselves this week against the Bears, the Titans are playing a difficult game against the Eagles and the Hounds are trying to stay in the running in a game against the Warriors.

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