Egypt: Hell Hounds beat Tigers in potential Egyptian Bowl matchup

With two weeks left in the Egyptian National Football League (ENFL), American football fans in Egypt caught a glimpse of what could well be the Egyptian Bowl matchup last Friday when the Cairo Hell Hounds took on the MSA Tigers in the first of week 8’s games with the Hounds coming out on top 26-8.

The Hell Hounds lead the standings in the East division, with the GUC Eagles in the second place while the Tigers are the first in the West, followed by the Cairo Wolves.

The standings are unlikely to change even over the two weeks remaining in the seasonand the odds are in favor of the Tigers and the Hounds beating the Wolves and Eagles in the playoffs and meeting in Egyptian Bowl III. With the win the Hell Hounds remain the only unbeaten team in the ENFL.

In other action, the Wolves played one of their best games this season and beat the AUC Titans 44-0, the Wolves’ defense denied the Titans any points as the Wolves’ offense finally made a strong statement in their last game in the regular season.

The Eagles have an easy game this week against the Thunder and the Bears are playing against the Titans, trying to win with a big score to salvage their small chance to reach the playoffs if, by some miracle, the beat the Hounds next week too.

Egyptian Flag Football League

Saturday is the last round in the Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) and the first three spots are already taken by the Eagles, Warriors and Wolves. The Warriors beat the Titans 15-6 last week, the Eagles beat the Thunder 51-19 and the Bears beat the Tigers 38-18. The Bears and Tigers are out of the running while the Eagles and Warriors remain undefeated.

They will be playing each other on Saturday to determine who is in the first place. The Wolves will face the Hounds who are out of the running as well, while the Thunder take on the Bears in their last chance to make it to the playoffs instead of the Titans.