Egyptian National Football League enters Week 4

The fourth round of the Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) kicks off today, Friday, March 9th after an average third week.

Round 3 saw two games in the ENFL, starting with the Cairo Warriors facing the Gezira Thunder. Both teams had lost games in week one against the Cairo Wolves and MSA Tigers respectively. The Warriors Vs Thunder game was quite good, considering that it’s the first season for both teams, and the Warriors proved they are a better team and got their first win ever 25-0.

The second game of round 3 was supposed to be a payback game for the Cairo Wolves against the MSA Tigers who beat them in last season’s playoffs. The Tigers beat the Wolves though, in a very unexceptional game from both teams.

Round 4 promises more exciting games with much closer matchups as the AUC Titans play their second game this season after their embarrassing defeat in round 2 against the Cairo Hell Hounds 58-0. This week the Titans are facing the Thunder who have lost both games they’ve played. One of the strongest games this season follows, as the GUC Eagles, the defending champions, face the Cairo Hell Hounds who have shown the strongest performance amongst all teams so far. The score of this game could give a hint to who this season’s champion will be.


Round 3 of the Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) was much more exciting as the Cairo Wolves women kicked the round off by crushing the MSA Tigers 63-0; one of the most impressive scores the EFFL has ever seen. The Warriors faced the Thunder in a more evenly matched game which ended 34-26 to the Warriors after the Thunder put up a very good fight.

Round 3 ended with another high score by the Eagles against the Cairo bears 50-6; the second strong win for the Eagles this season after they beat the Hell Hounds 34-0 in round 2. On Saturday, March 10th, Round 4 of the EFFL starts with the Thunder facing the Titans, the Hell Hounds playing against the Bears and the Warriors against the Tigers.