Egyptian National Football League hits midseason

The Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) and the Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) have reached the midway point of the 2018 season

Round 4 of the ENFL started with the first win for the AUC Titans this season against the Gezira Thunder in a close game. The Titans battled back from a 14-0 deficit to win the game 20-14 in an impressive comeback.

The second game of round 4 was the most shocking in the ENFL yet. The GUC Eagles hadn’t lost a game in their history, that was up until Friday, March 9th, when they lost their first game ever to the Cairo Hell Hounds 44-12. A win that wasn’t very surprising to the Hounds who are have been showing the strongest performance this season and are now the number one contenders for the Egyptian Bowl title. Mathew Kershey, the Hounds’ quarterback, was the MVP of that game, with the help of the Hounds’ receivers, and threw for 378 passing yards and four touchdowns.

The first game in round 5 wasn’t as exciting as the Cairo Wolves barely beat the Cairo Warriors 14-0, scoring both touchdowns in the fourth quarter after the Warriors put up a good fight in the first three. The second game saw the first win ever for the Cairo Bears, against the MSA Tigers too; last season’s runner-up. The game was a close one and both teams played a strong game but the Bears managed to snatch the win in the last minutes of the game 14-12.

Egyptian Flag Football League

Round 4 of the EFFL also started with the AUC Titans facing the Gezira Thunder, but the Thunder ladies dominated the field and won 46-26. The Bears played against the Hounds in the second game, and just like their men’s team, the Bears ladies scored a touchdown in the last minutes of the game, securing their win 25-19. The last game of the day was the Warriors against the Tigers who haven’t won a single game so far and lost their third game this season against the Warriors 33-0.

Round 5 began with the first win for the Hounds this season against the Thunder 40-28. The Hounds have been improving throughout the season and have three games left; if they win, they could still make it to the playoffs. The Titans beat the Tigers 38-12 in the second game, denying the Tigers their first win and proving they are still in the running. The final game in round 5 was the most surprising as the Eagles managed to beat last year’s champions, the Wolves, 26-0, in a game that was largely dominated by the Eagles as the Wolves failed to put up any kind of fight. That game ended the Wolves winning streak but the Eagles’ streak continues.

Round six of the ENFL kicks off this Friday as the Eagles attempt to regain their winning reputation, facing the AUC Titans. The Tigers will be trying to do the same thing in an easy game against the Thunder.
In the EFFL, the Titans face the Bears, the Wolves are playing against the Warriors and the Tigers are playing the Eagles.