El Salvador’s ASFA League Holds Premier Championship Bowl

2014 ASFA Bowl held in El Salvador

The Asociacion Salvadorena de Football Americano (ASFA), one of the two American Football leagues in El Salvador saw their two finalist teams, the Aguilas of Santa Tecla and the Barbarians of Antiguo Cuscatlan compete in the ASFA Bowl 2014.

This was the premier bowl game for the ASFA since it’s inception three years ago.

Aguilas vs Barbarians Image

Aguilas v. Barbarians

The game opened with a barrage of colossal hits and takedown tackles. The first touchdown was scored by an Aguilas player, Francisco Menjivar after the initial kickoff. However the Aguilas failed to make the two-point conversion.

It was in the second half when Matt Sytsma made a fake run to the left near the 20-yard line of the Barbarians, then he took the ball and ran to the right side, using his agile prowess to enter the end zone just in the nick of time before two defenders caught up to him and took him down.

Aguilas vs Barbarians ASFA

Matt Sytsma of the Aguilas making the 2nd touchdown

After the touchdown, the 2 point conversion was made by Fernando Landaverde who ran an effective out route to be alone on the right side of the end zone to make the conversion.

Final Score: Aguilas 14 Barbarians 0

When Roberto Cerna, President of the ASFA was asked what his overall thoughts were of the championship game, he replied:

“It was a really tight game, was exactly what the players, coaches, referees and fans were expecting. The game was a good display of the level of talent our league develops.”

Aguilas Team ASFA-1

Aguilas Team Photo – ASFA Bowl 2014 Champions

Women + American Football = L O V E

Men are not the only ones who are being captivated by the allure of American Football in Latin America. Throughout the region Women’s Flag Football has been gaining an enthusiastic following of women committed to learning and playing this complex, yet beautiful sport.

Barbarians vs Celtas Image

The ASFA Women’s Flag Football Championship game between the Celtas of Santa Tecla and the Barbarians of Antiguo Cuscatlan was a testament that ‘women can play too’… Both of the two teams remained strong defensively throughout the entire game but a judgment error on the right side of the Celtas defense opened a hole in which Olga Flores ran 45 yards to the end zone for the only touchdown of the game. At the end of the play she also scored an extra point by a kick.

This was the only score in the match and the Barbarians won!

Final Score: Barbarians  7 Celtas 0

Women's Flag  Barbarians vs Celtas ASFA

Olga Flores of the Barbarians running for the end-zone

Facilites and Organizers

La Delicias Stadium ASFA

Estadio Las Delicias

The ASFA Bowl 2014 included the two aforementioned championship games and was held at the Estadio Las Delicias in Santa Tecla with an overall attendance of approximately 350 fans, meeting the expectations of the sport promoters.

ASFA Referees-1

The Zebras

Experienced players and coaches from teams not participating in the games don the stripes. Referees participate in weekly sessions honing their rules and regulations knowledge. The ASFA 2014 championship calendar culminated a total of 14 games between the teams; Aguilas of Santa Tecla, Barbarians of Antiguo Cuscatlan, Santa Ana Bravos and Leones Soyapango. Ten games played out over the game season for the Women’s Flag Football teams; Celtas of Santa Tecla, Barbarians of Antiguo Cuscatlan and Lionesses of Soyapango.

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