ELF: 2023 Cologne Centurions – A Complete Roster Breakdown

By Michael Voitek

The Cologne Centurions were 3-9 last year and their head coach resigned this season. And then their “new” head coach also left but then offensive coordinator Christos Lambropoulos stepped up. With a history of turning teams around, the 2021 German Football League Coach of the Year may well be the right person to right this ship. Their 2023 European League of Football roster is set, now let’s break it down.

After losing 2021 all-star Jan Weinrich and new starter Daniel Smith to retirement, the Centurions will turn to Dylan Jacobs as their new quarterback. Jacob played at the University of Colorado but didn’t see much time, so it’s unknown as to what he can do when playing in the ELF. The Centurions had the worst rushing attack in the league last year, so obviously this is an area where they need vast improvement. It looks like the veteran Dean Tanwani will lead this crew into 2023.

QB Dylan Jacobs Photo: Cologne Centurions

The Centurion’s offense was first last year in passing, but things have changed in a big way. The Centurions will need to have some people step up with the loss of second team all-star Quentin Pounds to the Mexican LFA league. They picked up Terryon Robinson who played for the now defunct Istanbul Rams last year and finished eighth in yards in a short amount of time. He will be their star. Look for some extra production from Kris Wedderburn or Aril Rwantambura – players from last year that are looking to make a jump. Seeing how the Centurions were last in the league in rushing last year, this must get better. They added two new foreign players, Rares Gheorgiu and Carlos Carrasco. We’ll see what they can do, but an area to pay attention to.

This defense was terrible last year, let’s be honest. Second most yards and touchdowns allowed. No all-stars, the team needs help. Jai Albert-Jackson is a name to look out for on the D-Line. Their leader on defense will be linebacker Zachary Blair. Blair was a first team all-star last year for the Istanbul Rams and an absolute disruptor on this side of the ball. He is second all-time in the EFL in tackles and also adds a boost on special teams. Apart from Blair, Marius Kenny was second on the team in tackles and will look to build on last season at ILB. Hungry dog Chad Walrond – was cut last year by the Istanbul Rams and will be looking for revenge for that this year. He should be ready to prove himself. Dajon Owens should be their leader in the defensive backfield. The former Colorado State and Stony Brook player should be a nice addition.


  • Alexander Frisch – National
  • Dylan Jacob – American – (University of Colorado)
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Photo: Cologne Centurions

Running backs

  • Dean Tanwani – National
  •  Gerald Ameln – National
  • Fabio Luis Carrara – National
  • Nana Adom – National
  • Eric Fiedler – National
  • Jeton Novoberdalja – National

WR Terryon Robinson Photo: Cologne Centurions

Wide receivers

  • Paul Kavadia-Lenhardt – National
  • Valentin Rödiger – National
  • Terryon Robinson – American
  • Aril Rwantambara – Non E-import
  • Kris Wedderburn – E-Import – British
  • Ramin Akhlaghi – National
  • (TE) Noah Aarass – National

Offensive linemen

  • Niklas Meiworm – National
  • Carlos Carrasco Sanz – E-Import – Spain
  • Albert Trovato – National
  • Kevin Kreider – National
  • Dean Orere – National
  • Fabian Kratz – National
  • Joel Plum – National
  • Frederik Schneider – National
  • Rares Gheorgiu – E-Import – Romanian

DL Nico Kalterherberg Photo: Frederik Löwer

Defensive linemen

  • Alexander Boes – national
  • Jahn Jesus Lara Perez – National
  • Janek Wenke – National
  • Tim Göckus – National
  • Jai-Albert Jackson – E-Import – British
  • Frederik Schneider – National


  • Tufan Yagmur – National
  • Matthias Banjaqui – National
  • Lennart Weitz – National
  • Zachary Blair – American

DB Marius Riepe Photo: Cologne Centurions

Defensive backs

  • Marvin Djopa  – National
  • Paul Steffen – National
  • Marius Riepe – National
  • Efekan Akgün – National
  • Dani Lamy – E-Import
  • Chad Walrond – E-Import- (British)
  • Dajon Owens – American – (D-I Colorado State and Stony Brook)

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