ELF: 2023 Leipzig Kings – A Complete Roster Breakdown

By Michael Voitek

The Leipzig Kings are coming off a tough year in which they went 4-8. Led by new coach and former offensive line coach, John Booker, the team will look to turn things around.

The 2023 European League of Football roster for the Kings still has some things up in the air, but this is a breakdown for now. They have: four American imports, five European imports, and the rest are national players. This means they still have a spot open for another European player to join the team.

A lot of the season will depend on their quarterback. Kenyatte Allen is a 28-year-old stud who played at Robert Morris University (D-I FCS). He led the German Football League in touchdowns last year playing for the Allgäu Comets, accounting for 49 scores with only three interceptions. Look for him to be explosive and safe with the ball in his hands.

Kenyatte Allen scoring TD for Allgäu Comets in 2022. Photo: Shakral Photography

It’s not always a given that a team uses an A-import (North American usually) at RB because local talent can be found for this position, but Leipzig’s choice, Steve McShane, could be a difference maker. A star at Western Illinois, McShane got a tryout for the Steelers and briefly played in the XFL. He is coming off an Achilles injury in 2022 but should bring a good boost to a team that was bottom four in rushing last year. They also have an NFL Academy player in Maurice Baker, who should be on people’s radars.

They have a young bunch at WR including Noah Bomba from the Stuttgart Surge, but he didn’t have great receiving numbers there. The team has lost Seantavius Jones, one of the best wideouts in the league to Mexico’s Liga De Football Americano which can really hurt their chances this year. Luis Moreno, who didn’t put up great stats with the Galaxy last year, has experience in the ELF. He might be a surprise star for this team.

They retained three linemen but have not made any big signings. Their coach is a former offensive line coach so that should help them, but they will no doubt need some more help, especially after not rushing very well last year.

On the defensive side of the ball, Swedish lineman Aslan Zetterberg, the first team all-star, is back this year. The Swede totaled 10.5 sacks and 17.5 tackles for a loss last year and is a bonafide star for the team. They also have Lance Leota, a 2021 all-star for the Kings, who has returned. Both these guys should stunt any running game opposing teams might have.

There’s one name that truly stands out on this defense – AJ Wentland. First team all-star who led the league in tackles. This guy is a beast. He played D-II ball and totaled a whopping 160 tackles for the Kings last year. Look for him to lead the way.

They used another A-import in their secondary in Devan Burrel. He’s a former basketball player turned football player who should add an edge to the defensive backfield. They also have Roedion Henrique who had two interceptions last year for the Kings.


  • Ferras El-Hendi – National
  • Kenyatte Allen – American – (Robert Morris University)

Scrimmage vs Hamburg Sea Devils

Running backs

  •  Maurice Baker – National
  •  Leander Carstensen – National
  •  Steve McShane – American – (Northern Illinois)
  •  Niklas Ritter – National

Wide receivers

  •  Noah Bomba – National
  •  Luis Moreno – National
  •  Kélian Mouliom – National
  •  Leander Winter – National

Tight ends

  •  Al Mustafa Khalid Almakki – National
  •  Domenik Rofalski – National
  •  Jens Walter – National

Scrimmage vs Hamburg Sea Devils

Offensive linemen

  • Pollys Junio Sacramento – Brazil – (Import)
  • Tilman Brütsch – National
  • Dominik Behrens – National
  • Joel Coenes – National
  • Austine Igba Ujene – National

Defensive linemen

  • Aslan Zetterberg – Swedish – (Import)
  • Lance Leota – Australian – (Import)
  • Felix Delgado – National
  • Nico Koch – National
  • Carlo Reimann – National

Scrimmage vs Hamburg Sea Devils


  • A. J. Wentland – American
  • Niels Schroedter – National

Scrimmage vs Hamburg Sea Devils

Defensive backs

  • Roedion Henrique – Netherlands – (E-Import)
  • William James – Swedish (E-Import)
  • Dominic Yaw Aboagye-Duah – National
  • Devan Burrell – American
  • Zil Jalaal Isaac-Turea  – National
  • René Merkel – National

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