ELF: 2023 Milano Seamen – A Complete Roster Breakdown

The Milano Seamen have finalized their roster ahead of the 2023 European League of Football season. 

Milano makes the jump this year from the Italian Football League to the ELF, but there is still a lot of continuity on their roster from years past.  That includes quarterback Luke Zahradka, an American who has been with the team for several years.  Having an established signal caller like Zahradka clearly gives the Seamen an advantage heading into 2023.  The Seamen also brought in former Hamburg Sea Devil Jean Constant to be a top pass-catching threat, as he has been one of the most prolific receivers in the brief history of the ELF.  Ali Khalifa and Modesta Pooda will share carries in the running game.

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On defense, a pair of American imports in Dejvion Steward and Marquise Manning will patrol the secondary, along with Italian standout Bismark Yeboah.  Perhaps their most famous player is Giorgio Tavecchio, a kicker who played college football at Cal and spent parts of six seasons in the NFL.

Overall, this is a well-rounded roster filled with talented and passionate Italian players who have a good amount of experience competing with and against each other.  We shall see how the team performs in their ELF debut season.


  • Luke Zahradka – USA
  • Nicholas Dalmasso – Italy

RB Cristiano Mancini #32

Running Backs

  • Ali Khalife – Germany
  • Modeste Pooda – Italy
  • Luca Assemian Balotelli – Italy
  • Cristiano Mancini – Italy

Wide Receivers

  • Jean Constant – USA
  • Andrea Fiammenghi – Italy
  • Ismail Lamamra – Italy
  • Lorenzo Bassi – Italy
  • Andrea Serra – Italy
  • Tasmir Seck – Italy
  • Gianluca Santagostino – Italy
  • Juan Flores-Calderon – Spain
  • Marian Cebotaro – Italy

Tight Ends

  • Daniel Marshall – UK
  • Leonardo Franchi – Italy

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Offensive Line

  • Francesco Vilinzi – Italy
  • Lorenzo Cesana – Italy
  • Harry Sayer – UK
  • Marco Colombo – Italy
  • Lewis Thomas – UK
  • Francesco Runco – Germany
  • Edoardo Andrea Sandonati – Italy
  • Thomas Fileccia – Italy

Defensive Line

  • Igor Timotijevic – Italy
  • Xhelian Molla – Italy
  • Domenico Carroli – Italy
  • Simone Perego – Italy
  • Giacomo Insom – Italy
  • Francesco Rivelli – Italy
  • Samuele Cavallini – Italy
  • Marco Taddia – Italy
  • Claudio Nicola – Italy


  • Kevin Khay – Italy
  • Nicolo Fonti – Italy
  • Ivan Fonti – Italy
  • Diego Rinaldi – Italy
  • Flavio Piccinni – Italy
  • Tiberio Calbucci – Italy
  • Edoardo Gallo – Italy
  • Andrea Zini – Italy

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Defensive Backs

  • Saad Ali – Italy
  • Dejvion Steward – USA
  • Tommaso Calegari – Italy
  • Lorenzo Gioco – Italy
  • Marquise Manning – USA
  • Christian Sottura – Italy
  • Bismark Yeboah – Italy
  • Lorenzo Paglicci – Italy

Special Teams

  • Matteo Felli – Italy
  • Giorgio Tavecchio – Italy

A current student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carter played football in high school and has been a lifelong avid football fan.