ELF: 2023 Vienna Vikings – A Complete Roster Breakdown

By Brad Duff

Following a week 1 bye-week, the Vienna Vikings have finalized their roster ahead of their start to the 2023 European League of Football season.

 After re-signing head coach Chris Calayacay, the Vikings have made a lot of significant signings – including former NCAA DI offensive coordinator John Shannon to take over play-calling duties for the defending ELF champions.

Photo: Hannes Jirgal

 With a new offensive system comes a new quarterback, as the Vikings have brought in last year’s German Football League passing leader, Chris Helbig to replace the recently-retired Jackson Erdmann. Helbig recorded 3,406 yards with 49 total touchdowns in 2022 for the Potsdam Royals. Italian WR Jordan Bouah, who led the Vikings’ receivers last season, has re-signed with the team, and will be playing alongside former Penn State WR Weston Carr, who was signed to the Vikings last season, but suffered a season-ending injury before he got the chance to suit up. The Vikings also brought in CFL Global prospect and 2021 German Bowl Champion Radim Kalous (Czechia), declaring the Vikings’ receiver corps officially stacked.

 Top-three ELF rusher of 2022, Anton Wegan will be returning to Vienna, joined as well by GFL leading rusher Karri Pajarinen, who carried the rock for the Potsdam Royals, rushing for 1,301 yards and 17 touchdowns in 11 appearances. 

Defensively, the Vikings have re-signed LB Thomas Schnurrer – who recorded over 100 total tackles and two interceptions last year – as well as a reliable DB partnership of Benjamin Straight and Exavier Edwards. Former All-American DE Jamarcus Henderson will take up the team’s fourth American import slot.

 With the number of returning players looking to defend the 2022 ELF Championship, on top of the immense talent brought in, the Vikings look to have one of the strongest rosters in Europe as they prepare for their opening matchup against the 1-0 Berlin Thunder.

Photo: Hannes Jirgal


  •  Chris Helbig – USA
  • Alexander Reischl – Austria

 Running backs

Photo: Hannes Jirgal

  •  Florian Wegan – Austria
  • Anton Wegan – Austria
  • Karri Pajarinen – Finland

 Wide Receivers

Photo: Hannes Jirgal

  •  Jordan Bouah – Italy
  • Radim Kalous – Czechia
  • Weston Carr – USA
  • Michael Schachermayr – Austria
  • Philipp Dubravec – Austria
  • Nikolaus Rabitsch – Austria
  • Florian Simsek – Austria
  • Flaviu Andrisan – Austria
  • Emil Eckerstorfer – Austria

 Tight Ends

  • Rudi Lee Frey – Austria
  • Florian Bierbaumer – Austria

 Offensive Line

  • Matthew Daltrey – Great Britain
  • Lukas Holub – Austria
  • Mike Janda  – Austria
  • Aleksandar Milanovic – Austria
  • Benjamin Rab – Austria
  • David Rauter – Austria
  • Matthias Stockamp – Germany
  • Clemens Walz – Austria

Defensive Line

Photo: Hannes Jirgal

  • Kelechi Dyke – Austria
  • Florian Grünsteidl – Austria
  • Jamarcus Henderson – USA
  • Oskar Kranich – Austria
  • Maximilian Müllner – Austria
  • Daniel  Pozarek  – Austria
  • Moritz Schmahel – Austria
  • Florian Sudi – Austria
  • Marvin Wappl – Austria


  • Leon Balogh – Austria
  • Sebastian Ernst – Austria
  • Valentin Leutgeb – Austria
  • Thomas Schnurrer – Austria
  • Moriz Elmauthaler – Austria
  • Leon Huber – Austria
  • Matthias Stadlmann – Austria
  • Vito Millauer – Austria
  • Alexander Watholowitsch – Austria

Defensive Backs

  • Exavier Edwards
  • Florian Jobst – Austria
  • Leonhard Gerner – Austria
  • Christoph Kellner – Austria
  • Benjamin Straight – Austria
  • Max Morawetz – Austria
  • Elmeri Laalo (DB/LB) –Finland
  • Nikolaus Huszar – Austria
  • Luis Horvath – Austria
  • Fabio Tartarotti – Austria
  • Sebastian Wimmer – Austria

 Special Teams

  • Dennis Tasic – Hungary
  • Caspar Prill – Austria
  • Oskar Herz – Austria

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