ELF: 2024 Rhein Fire – A Roster Breakdown

By Michael Voitek

The Rhein Fire will try to repeat their absolute dominance from the 2023 European League of Football season. With many key players like Jadrian Clark and Glen Toonga returning, the Rhein Fire will once again be tough to beat in 2024, but let’s break down the roster to get a full picture.

Their roster consists of 59 players with 4 American imports and 6 European imports.



Watchers of the 2023 season know how potent quarterback Jadrian Clark can be, but with new receivers on the outside it will be interesting to see how he adjusts, but I would put money on him being right back to his old form after capturing a college title in the offseason with the UWE Bullets.

Running Back

Glen Toonga Photo: Justin Derondeau

In the backfield, we have a dominant duo of Glen Toonga and the German bowling ball, Patrick Poetsch. It’s going to be hard for anyone to stop these two especially with that great Fire offensive line blocking for them.

Wide Receiver

The wide receiver position has changed a good deal from last year for this Fire team. They lost stars in Anthony Mahongou, Willie Patterson and Nathaniell Robitaille, all huge players for this team in 2023. To replace that talent loss, they signed former NFL player Kelvin McKnight who should absolutely light opposing corners up. Returning is a great receiver in Harlan Kwofie and the team also signed Finnish receiver Sebastian Sagne.

Sebastian Sagne Photo: Jari Turunen

At 30 years old, Sagne is on the older side, but he brings great knowledge and experience to this already great team.

Offensive Line

Up front they have returning all-stars Arnoud Holierhoek, Nick Wiens and Sven Briedenbach, but lose two other all-stars in Joachim Christensen and Leander Wiegan. To be fair, their whole offensive line was an all-star last year.

To replace the all-star talent they signed David Weinstock (2022 ELF all-star) and will look for Yasir Raji to step up and provide some depth. If I know Jim Tomsula, this team’s offensive line will not only not be a problem, it will be a bonafide strength.


Defensive line

Defensive tackles Hugo Klages Photo: UMass Athletics

On the defensive line, the Fire lost an amazing player in Alejandro Fernandez to the Madrid Bravos, but added talent in the form of Saliou Sale (Berlin Adler) and most recently UMass defensive tackle Hugo Klages. My must watch player on this front is Max Parkinson, an E-import who lit up the CFL combine by posting 29 bench reps, the most of any player there and ran a 4.73 in the 40 yard dash. All eyes should be on this youngster.


The linebackers do not change much from last year with Martin Pinter, Marius Kensy, and Flamur Simon leading the charge. A solid group, who plays well with each other.

Defensive back

Darrius Nash Photo: Utah Tech Athletics

The defensive backfield will once again be lead by 1st team All-Star Omari Williams and he will be backed by great talent around him. American import Darrius Nash joins this great group. Nash went to Division I Utah Tech and will be great with this experienced Fire team.

When I asked quarterback Jadrian Clark who he was most excited to play with this year he said “Tony Anderson” because he wouldn’t have to throw his way two times a year. The French defensive back rounds out this team and makes the Fire look really great on paper for the second year in a row.

Wrapping up

If I know Tomsula, he will have this group absolutely fired up at a run for a repeat and with the team they have, I don’t see many teams stopping them on their way.

Offseason Grade: A-

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