ELF: Dacia Vienna Vikings become the league’s newest member

The Dacia Vienna Vikings have joined the European League of Football. Austria’s capital city football team, becoming ELF’s ninth franchise and third outside of Germany.

European League of Football commissioner Patrick Esume is thrilled to have the Austrian powerhouse program as ELF’s newest member:

“The Vikings are a grown organization with a great youth development. They have a very talented team and have dominated football in Austria for the past two decades. There’s no question that Vienna is an attractive location, but it’s also highly attractive from a sporting point of view.”

The Vikings have been one of Austria’s most storied programs in making four straight Austrian Bowl appearances and capturing the title 15 times in their history. Vienna has had its eye on international play for some time, competing in the Central European Football League and scheduling many international opponents over the years, winning the Eurobowl five times.

The Dacia Vienna Vikings have long been rumored as a potential future landing spot for Europe’s newest league, as Vienna’s large metropolis and strong football culture make it an inviting location for any league. ELF managing director Zeljko Karajica is excited to have a team in such an ideal location:

We are very happy to have a European metropolis and sports-loving city like Vienna for the European League of Football. At the same time, we have taken international expansion one step further. Football is also arousing more and more interest and we are proud to be able to present our league to the fans there,

At a press conference earlier this month, Vienna Vikings head coach Chris Calaycay and president Karl Wurm discussed the idea of joining the European League of Football, laying out a potential plan for the Viking’s continued presence in the Austrian Football League while continuing to pursue new levels of play.

“The Dacia Vienna Vikings will without a doubt play in the highest level of football in the Austrian league period. It is unthinkable to do otherwise. This is because we feel that we have a strong responsibility to the Austrian league.” (Translated from German)

Vienna Vikings President Karl Wurm Photo: Puls 24

Even with the addition of one of Europe’s strongest teams commissioner Patrick Esume commented on further expansion as the league’s off-season approaches:

“One thing is certain we will bring at least twelve teams to the start. However, it looks very good that more will be added and 14, maybe even 16 participants will compete in the 2022 season,” 

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