ELF: European League of Football extends TV Contract with ProSieben through 2026

The European League of Football has extended its television rights contract with German television provider ProSieben for another four seasons as the league and media partner is set to broadcast games in Germany through the 2026 season.

Managing Director Zeljko Karajica spoke on the exciting new deal for his league.

“We are exceedingly happy that ProSiebenMAXX and ProSieben will continue to provide fans in Germany with absolute top football ‘Made in Europe’ in the next four years. Seven.One Sports, with ‘Ran Football,’ has been a strong and important partner for our league since day one. It is a milestone for our development that we continue this path together. European football has never had such a media presence before, and thus we are substantiating our claim to be the number one league in Europe,”

The new contract will include 30 games in the 2023 season for ProSieben throughout the season. The deal includes two live games every Sunday on ProSiebenMaxx. The European League of Football championship game will be shown live on ProSieben’s primary channel, one of Germany’s biggest tv channels, for the first time in league history,

The TV company RAN, one of Germany’s largest sports media groups, and the primary provider of Germany’s NFL coverage, with the help of analysts and ELF Commissioner Patrick Esume, will also show one game every Saturday on their website ran.de.

Alexander Rösner, Senior Vice President at Seven.One Sports, Ran’s parent company. also spoke on the deal and the growth of American football in Germany:

” The European League of Football is keeping its home on ProSieben MAXX. With more airtime for even more top European teams and the final on ProSieben, the European League of Football success story continues. We believed in this idea from the start and are now very pleased to be able to continue to accompany the European League of Football on its way to becoming the ‘Champions League of European Football’ in media terms on all platforms.”

The European League of Football and Seven.One Sports have also agreed that the number of games being broadcast by ProSieben will be increased continuously over the course of the contract.

The ratings for Europe’s league have been strong at times notching 530,000 net viewers for its inaugural championship game in 2021. In June of this year, over 400,000 fans tuned into to watch the Rhein Fire beat the Istanbul Rams.

With the trending growth of the NFL, ProSieben hopes German football fans will continue to tune into football during the summer months to watch the game on their own continent.

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