ELF: Homegrown Hero Series – WR Louis Geyer’s Homecoming

As the mid-season point of the European League of Football season approaches this weekend, the ELF’s third season has shown the promising development of many domestic players. With that in mind, the ELF Homegrown Hero series aims to shine a light on those players outside of the US and Canada making an impact on the ELF.

Next in the ELF series is German receiver Louis Geyer of the undefeated Stuttgart Surge.

Even at the young age of 21, 6’2 200-pound Louis Geyer is already a big name to watch the ELF after putting up solid numbers during his first two seasons in the league. The Stuttgart native began his ELF career with his hometown Surge back in 2021, as he put up 450 yards and three touchdowns for the two-win team. Before that, Geyer was a standout youth player for the Stuttgart Scorpions.

The next year, Geyer kept building on his momentum taking up a even bigger role, this time further north as part of the Cologne Centurions, racking up 687 yards and 9 touchdowns, good for the 11th best receiver in league in terms of yards.

However, in 2023, as the saying goes “there’s no place like home” and Geyer rejoined the Surge in a homecoming. The skilled receiver was part of  talent began to migrate back towards Stuttgart following the hiring of new head coach and three-time German Bowl champion Jordan Neuman.

So far this season, Geyer has been on a tear since coming back from an injury, putting up 301 yards and five touchdowns as the 5-0 Surge are now one of only three teams with an unbeaten record to this point.

Geyer sat down with AFI for a quick chat about his football goals and his return to the Stutgart Surge.

AFI: How did you start playing football?

Geyer: I started playing football through a good friend, who played flag football at the time. I grew up playing soccer and did that for all my life. He said that I should come to a practice once and I fell in love with the game immediately. Ultimately, I had to decide whether I play the spor I‘m newly introduced to and not very good at at the moment or do I continue playing the sport I knew my whole life? I decided to stick with football and it was maybe the best decision of my life up to this point.

AFI: What is your goal through the sport?

Geyer: When I started playing football, I never thought about playing in the NFL. But with time I got better and my dreams got bigger. People saying it is impossible to go to the NFL from Germany only pushed me and motivated me even more to work and to improve myself. My goal is to make it in the NFL. I’m working every day to get one step closer to my dream. Looking back at when I first started I would never think I could achieve things that I did achieve now, so it only makes me work harder and harder every day so I can say the same thing in 50 years looking back to today.

AFI: How does it feel for come back to the Surge and help them in the Jordan Neuman era?

Geyer: It feels amazing. Having played in Stuttgart the first year and being in contact with a lot of my friends that played here the second year, it means so much not only for the franchise, but for the fans, and us players to finally have a winning program in Stuttgart. The culture that this team is building is based on trust, belief, dedication and it feels like a family. I have never been on a team that has so much chemistry from the players, to coaches and staff. It makes me so proud to be a part of such a team and to walk out with these guys every week. So representing the surge, this team, this new era that is being built is an unbelievable feeling.

AFI: What’s your favorite Football memory

Geyer: I have a lot, but one I think about a lot was the first game of the European League of football, which was the first football game after Covid-19. Having not played for almost 2 years, the excitement was unmatched. We played in Barcelona, and it was broadcast on Ran.de. Knowing that my family and friends can watch me playing football in another country was indescribable. I had a great game scoring a touchdown and ultimately winning the game with my team is one of my favorite memories of my career so far. But I am already making memories this season I will look back my whole life and planning to make a big memory in September 24th.

AFI: What’s the future of American football in Germany and Stuttgart?

Geyer: The future of football in Germany is bright. Talents all around Europe and Germany are given the stage to perform at the highest level possible in Europe. Especially for Stuttgart I can see that the turnaround of this franchise was a 180 step in the right direction. I can only imagine the work that has to be put in behind the scenes to do what was done in Stuttgart. But thinking about what this franchise with this staff can do, I can only think positive about the future of football in Stuttgart.


AFI: How has the season been so far for you?

Geyer: The team is amazing. Not only do we have a deep an unbelievable talented roster, but more importantly we have great character throughout our team. It’s a big family and a brotherhood. I think this translates directly to the field as we have blind trust in every player we have on the roster. And no matter who is on the field we know that we can deliver at the highest level. The coaches are working very hard and doing such a great job getting us ready and preparing us for every game so we can be the best team we can possibly be.

AFI: What’s the goal of the Stuttgart Surge this season?

Geyer: The goal is definitely to win the final Düsseldorf in September. But we all know that in order to do that we gotta treat every game like its a playoff game. We are trying to go 1-0 every week. But we are ready determined and ready for every challenge to reach the championship game and win it. Respect All. Fear None. GO SURGE!

Alex is a former NCAA and semi-pro American football player who is now located in London, where he works in digital marketing. His goal in writing for AFI is to stay involved with the game that has given him so much. Alex enjoys covering leagues and