ELF: Istanbul Rams travel to the Vienna Vikings for week 12 showdown

Today, the Istanbul Rams will travel to Vienna to take on the Vikings in what may be a far more evenly matched contest that most anticipate.

Before the midpoint in the season Vienna’s victory would have been a foregone conclusion, a fact that their week four 49-0 victory paid testament to. 

But since then, the Istanbul Rams have taken a major turn in the road following the signing of quarterback Isaiah Green and wideout Teryon Robinson who have changed the fortunes of the Rams.

A 22-19 victory over the Barcelona Dragons, their first win of the season, shocked the league. This continued the following week as they took league-favorites Hamburg Sea Devils to overtime, before eventually losing.

Last week was, however, not the result the team wanted. Offensively, the Rams were able to put 30 points on an excellent Rhein Fire defense, but defensively were decapitated through the air with Jadrian Clark throwing for 500 yards and seven touchdowns.

But with the Vikings relying heavily on the run game and checkdowns, the Rams should be in good stead to make this a far closer scoreline than their first meeting.

The Vikings on the other hand showed last week that they were in fact mortal when they received a beatdown by the Frankfurt Galaxy who appeared to do everything right.

The Vikings have been near perfect all year. Their excellent rushing attack and the ability of their receivers to make plays after the catch has given them a great level of diversity. 

It was just perhaps their overconfidence last week that led to their secondary attempting to leave defensive backs one on one with the former NFL wideout Reece Horn, who ultimately shredded them for three touchdowns before the half.

This resounding loss will have undoubtedly knocked the Vikings‘ confidence. In addition to this, the playoff race is looking as if it will culminate in a mad dash to the finish line, knocking teams out who were self-assured to feature.

Vienna will surely recognize the significance of this game and the giant-slayers across from them who have nothing to lose.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.