ELF: Leipzig Kings Cancel Upcoming Game Amid Financial Insolvency

The Leipzig Kings of the European League of Football announced this morning via their Instagram story that they will not be hosting the Prague Lions tomorrow as scheduled. The team recently announced that it is on the brink of bankruptcy stating that the long-term and short-term future of the Leipzig Kings is in doubt.

In the announcement, the Leipzig Kings stated:

“We were very close to a perfect solution that would’ve supported the team for the remainder of the season. However, this solution simply needs more time to be feasible. Unfortunately, our short-term solution was unsuccessful.”

Following the announcement, the Kings played in front of roughly 2,500 fans at home last week against the Berlin Thunder. Following the game players were told to turn in their equipment for an inventory check. Leipzig’s press release did not go into detail about future plans:

“The organization of the Leipzig King is working feverishly on a solution. Our primary goal is to remain in the European league of Football, and to fulfil our contracts.”

The European League of Football responded with a statement, that the Lions will be given a 35:00 victory for tomorrow’s game while the league looks to take over the Kings for the remainder of the season.

“The league regrets this decision and continues to be in a constructive exchange with the ownership group. The plan is to obtain Kings’ game operation for the rest of the season. The European League of Football is firmly determined to hold on to the Leipzig location.”

Leipzig had reached out to the ELF previously for financial support, however, did not receive the loan it asked for. This was reiterated in the Kings statement today:

“In the media it was reported that we received a loan from the ELF. That is factually incorrect.”

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