ELF: Leipzig Kings visit Vienna for scrimmage against Vienna Vikings

With the European League of Football about to kick off, Leipzig Kings head coach Fred Armstrong took his team to Vienna, Austria put them to the test in a weekend scrimmage against the Vienna Vikings coached by Chris Calaycay.

This was the first action by either team against another team since both the Vikings and Kings wound up their 2021 seasons.

Vienna Vikings RB Flo Wegan

Naturally, no scores were kept during the scrimmage, but both coaches were able to test both their offenses and defenses, and both were happy with the effort and execution they saw.

Leipzig Kings head coach Fred Armstrong was happy not only with the scrimmage itself but the entire trip and the reception they received in Vienna:

“The whole trip for our Kings was great on and off the field. We competed well and Vienna was a gracious host. Glad they are in the EL. They will be a hard football team to beat.”

Chris Calaycay, head coach for the Vienna Vikings was also satisfied with the scrimmage

“We have taken our first step in our journey as a new franchise in the ELF. This opportunity gave us a chance to evaluate where we are in relation to another ELF team. I’m satisfied with the weekend, but we have work to do still to get to where we want to be as a team and a franchise.”

Fred Armstrong (left) and Chris Calaycay (right) addressing the teams following the scrimmage

Both teams open their ELF schedule on June 5. The Vikings will travel to Innsbruck to take on Austrian rivals, the Tirol Raiders while Leipzig make the trek to Poland to face the Wroclaw Panthers.

Photos: Peter Kramberger

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