ELF: Munich Ravens host top regional talent in muddy tryout

In Olympia Stadium in Munich, the Ravens held their very first organized team events.

Dozens of players went through drills, testing, and more in hopes of earning a spot on Bavaria’s brand new ELF team.

Under the watchful eye of new head coach John Schoop, Director of Sports Operations Sean Shelton, and even league commissioner Patrick Esume, players showcased their skills despite the rain, powering through less-than-ideal conditions.

The player pool consisted of a variety of players from an array of football backgrounds. Several Munich Cowboys players were confirmed to me in attendance including star running back Brandon Watkins, receiver Luca Salvo, and talented linebacker Kevin Titz. The experienced defender gave some quick thoughts on Raven’s first team activities.

According to reports, there were also players in attendance from Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, and of course the large region of Bavaria. Sources say players from the Allgäu Comets, German Bowl Champion Schwäbsich Hall Unicorns, Straubing Spiders, and other GFL teams were in attendance looking to make the move to the enticing new ELF.

Another notable player confirmed was linebacker Patrick Engelhardt of the Straubing Spiders. Engelhardt made 65 tackles and five tackles for a loss for the Spiders last season. Defensive tackle Destiny Idiahi of the Schwäbsich Hall Unicorns, along with pass rusher Dominic Seigel were also at the tryout. From the nearby Allgäu Comets, homegrown Germans Dominic Schmidt, Nico Leiderer, and GFL All-Star Johannes Wagner were also in attendance.

Photo Svenja Sabatini

Players emphasized that new Ravens head coach John Schoop made a concerted effort to introduce himself to every player at the tryout. Currently, the Ravens are still forming their roster and have yet to confirm the placement of any players on the team with the exception of course of the recent signing of veteran defensive back Darius Robinson. The Ravens have officially taken the first steps towards growing into the ELF team they hope to become.

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