ELF Power Rankings: Sea Devils still on top, Dragons, Fire climb while Galaxy slide

With just two weeks left in the European League of Football (ELF) and four teams vying for the one playoff spot still up for grabs, the regular season is sure to end with a bang.

It is for this reason that we devised a power ranking of those most likely to win today in the ELF.

1. Hamburg Sea Devils (Last week: #1)

The Sea Devils remain at the number one spot for the second week in a row following their impressive victory over a solid Berlin Thunder side.

The Sea Devils are still having trouble producing impactful numbers in the passing game but with offensive weapons such as Jean Constant and Glen Toonga at their disposal, who needs a passing game?

2. Vienna Vikings (Last week #2)

Vienna got up on the Istanbul Rams early this week and managed to fend off a comeback for the win.

It wasn’t the dominant display that we’re used to seeing from the Vikings though, begging the question, has Vienna lost its mojo?

3. Barcelona Dragons (Last week #4)

It can hardly be argued that the Dragons week 12 fixture against the Stuttgart Surge was anything more than a tune-up game. By halftime Barcelona were up 56-0. 

Quarterback Zach Edwards’ final stat line pays tribute to the woeful performance from Stuttgart’s offense as he finished the game with seven touchdowns and only 320 yards passing.

4. Rhein Fire (Last week #5)

In what was the most highly anticipated game of the week, the Fire managed to secure a walk off field-goal win against the Frankfurt Galaxy.

The Galaxy had the game won by all intents and purposes up 21-20 with just 21 seconds left on the clock. 

But a 15-yard penalty for the Frankfurt Head Coach running onto the field during a play allowed the Fire to get into field goal range and kick the winner. 

5. Frankfurt Galaxy (Last week #3)

Despite the above point, the Galaxy actually appeared to be the better team. But a monumental blunder with playoff implications from the head coach cannot be overlooked as a one off. 

The Galaxy are no longer in full control of their playoff future. A fact that may haunt them in the coming weeks.

6. Raiders Tirol (Last week #6)

If you removed the Centurions and two Vienna losses from the Raiders schedule you would think they are the best team in the league. But those games mean something, and more importantly, the Vienna games mean something.

The losses are an indicator of how the Raiders fare against top tier teams. Hopefully, the Raiders can turn this around if they make the playoffs as they are one of the most complete teams in the league.

7. Berlin Thunder (Last week #7) 

There was a case to be made for the Thunder being the dark horse of the league as they reeled off a number of impressive victories and put themselves in playoff contention.

But their contest against the Sea Devils this past weekend displayed a team that appears to be outmanned and outgunned against the league’s elite.

8. Istanbul Rams (Last week #8) 

The Rams are struggling to replicate the success they had against the Dragons and Sea Devils following their quarterback and receiver change.

They are still head and shoulders above the team they were before the signings, putting up an impressive 22 points in their loss to the Vikings. But they were never truly in the game.

At this point Istanbul will likely be looking to next year and getting their domestic players some much needed experience.

9. Wroclaw Panthers (Last week #9)

The Panthers managed to pick up their fourth win of the season this weekend when they traveled to Leipzig to beat out the Kings.

On a slightly different note, the Panthers may well have broken an ELF record in the game as quarterback Slade Jarman threw the ball 57 times. This shows the belief that the organization has in him.

10. Cologne Centurions (Last week #10)

There was no repeat of their first encounter with the Raiders this weekend for the Centurions.

To their credit, they are still battling and trying to win games. But it remains a mystery as to why their performance took a U-turn after week 2.

11. Leipzig Kings (Last week #11)

The Kings have had it tough this year. Two quarterback changes seemed to impact the team mightily. 

Next week they will play the Surge which may be each team’s last chance to pick up their final win of the year.

12. Stuttgart Surge (Last week #12)

George Streeter, the newly appointed head coach, definitely has a long-term plan.

To cut one of your imports with only two games left in the season and still winless, you have to be thinking of things to come.

There will need to be some major renovation in the Surge camp this off-season. Let’s just hope, for the sake of the city and the league, that Streeter is the man to do it.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.