ELF: Raiders Tirol Virtual Combine continues through December 13

The Raiders Tirol, one of the newest members of the European League of Football, and formerly known as the Swarco Raiders Tirol, are continuing to search for players for the 2022 ELF season.

On November 28, the team launched a virtual (online) combine and this will continue until December 13.

By opting for a virtual combine, the Raiders are allowing athletes from around the world looking to play football in Europe to upload their film. In order to participate, athletes must simply register on the Raiders GMTM page, follow the instructions for every combine and position drill, then upload their videos.

The Raiders, defending Austrian Football League champions, are entering their first season in the ELF which just completed its inaugural season.

Register by clicking the following link: Raiders Tirol Virtual Combine | GMTM

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