European League of Football records shattered already

By Matt Bressington

The European League of Football has kicked off and the opening weekend was definitely filled with fireworks. high drama and record-breaking performances.

There was an end zone interception to seal the Leipzig King’s win over the Prague Lions, Jarvis McClam’s incredible three touchdown performance in the Tirol Raiders victory over the Munich Ravens, and Cologne’s otherwise excellent defense falling just short in the fourth quarter in the loss to the Paris Musketeers. These were all thrilling storylines that had me enthralled all weekend.

There were issues of course, as there will be in a league as new as the ELF.  However, let’s shift our attention from the things that were clearly on show and focus on the small details of the week that could easily be missed. There were A LOT of records broken in this week, so many that it was impossible to capture all of them here.

The records that we did get to though, are truly remarkable. Some of these may stand for a very long time, in single-game records for teams and individuals alike, but how do they compare to the history books? The stats allow us to read behind the lines of the game and delve deep into the nuances that make this game special.

So, by popular demand, the statistical video has returned for part 3. This is the start of a new season, and we shall see through the course of it what the stats can tell us!

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