ELF: Stuttgart Surge announce 53 man roster

The Stuttgart Surge have announced their 53 man roster for the European League of Football season.

The Surge will kick off their season on June 19 when they travel to Spain to face the Barcelona Dragons.

Following a combined practice with the Frankfurt Galaxy, head coach Martin Hanselmann and his staff have trimmed their roster to the 53 man limit.

The Surge offense will be led by quarterback Jacob Wright who comes to the team after spending the 2018 and 2019 seasons with the Averett University Cougars (NCAA Div. III) where he threw for 3,528 yards and 36 touchdowns. One of the running backs on his team for those two years is current teammate Joshua Tapscott who had spent the previous three years playing for the University of Wyoming Cowboys (NCAA Div. I). The offensive line will feature former London Blitz offensive/defensive lineman Jai Jackson.

Quarterbacks: Jacob Wright, Michael Winterlik

Running backs: Joshua Tapscott, Thomas Edel, Collins Kamara, Bryan Yankson, Ruben Pein, Serdar Kiraz

Receivers: Domenik Rofalski, Louis Geyer, Paul Steigerwald, Pascal Flöser, Fabian Weigel, Alexander Eitel, Peter Weiblen, Frederic Latour

Offensive line: Jan Steiger, Jai Jackson, Marvin Röben, Marc Kuppinger, Leon Häbich, Jason Kühn, Nicko Schuster, Jens Walther, Thomas Ghebrezherer, Maximillian Kempchen, Lukas Sting

Tight ends: Marvin Pludra, David Meza

Kicker: Jens Hauser

Defensive line: Tobias Burkhardt, Marcel Fürst, Darko Pisaric, Philipp Ungericht, Sercan Vardar, Felix Haufe

Linebackers: Dale Warren, Danny Washington, Nijaz Hamulic, Japhet Mbala, Anthony Morris, Dennis Gratza, Tom Stickel, Lasse Rave, Constantin Lässing

Defensive backs: Nick Wenzelburger, Ben Wenzler, Victor Ferrier, Till Becker, Julian Jakob, Marcel Dabo, Kevin Bannasch, Julian Ludwig-Mayorga

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