ELF: Top 5 Standout Performers of Week 2

By Matt Bressington

The European League of Football has wound up its second week of play, and we now have a better understanding of how certain teams and players are looking this early in the season.

However, with all the factors that have come in through the news of injuries and transfers, there are bound to be new players who are breaking out, alongside the usual suspects of course.

Let’s get right into Week Two.

Louis Geyer WR – Stuttgart Surge

It’s not often that a player gets a hattrick of touchdowns and it’s even more rare when it’s on a championship contender. It’s fair to say that the former ROTY has come back to his first team with intentions of making a run at OPOTY. If he continues with these numbers, who can argue it? In his second debut, he got 82 yards and the aforementioned three touchdowns. I noted in other articles that the development he has made is obvious from his first to second year, now he’s entered closer to his prime and is ready to step up into one of the best home grown player options in the ELF. It’s going to be a great storyline for his season if he can keep on this track.

Theodor Landström WR – Barcelona Dragons

Landström tore the Milano Seamen secondary to pieces and has continued his excellent form in the early season. A lot of people wrote off the Dragons coming in and I was also doubtful that they could replicate their success from week one. There is no doubt, however, that Landtröm is a premiere receiver in the league and deserves his flowers for putting up seriously good numbers for the second week in a row. In fact, he has the most receiving yards of any player. He wasn’t limited at all in this game whether it was short routes, deep balls, back shoulder sideline passes, and jump balls. He was able to impact the game at several key junctures and contributed to the scoreboard on various difference-making occasions.

Omari Williams DB – Rhein Fire

It’s hard to argue against the fact that Williams is the best DB in the league right now. He followed up his Pick 6 from last week with another to help the Fire edge out the Hamburg Sea Devils. He also recovered a fumble early in the game and was a big thorn in the Sea Devils side, moving the ball downfield. Even the league page is calling him the best DB in the league! I honestly can’t find anyone who’s competing with him right now. His vision for the ball, timing and massive game-changing playmaking ability sets him apart. He might just be one of the best players in the league overall and is one of the only secondary players that can legitimately make a run for the DPOTY.

Exavier Edwards DB/KR – Vienna Vikings

Edwards proved yesterday that he is more than just a utility playmaker. In the Vikings 27-24 victory over the Berlin Thunder, he was a lockdown performer for large portions of the game and kept an immensely talented receiver trio to minimal production all game. He even got his first pick of the season, the first of many possibly given his coverage. It wasn’t until the Thunder moved away from his side of the field and he had some injury concerns that their offense was able to open up and mount an almost successful comeback. In addition to his coverage, he was excellent returning kicks and punts helping give the offense excellent field position. A very solid showing from a DB where the league this season has seen receiver production at an all-time high.

Silas Nacita RB/WR – Helvetic Guards

The Helvetic Guards are in a very uncomfortable position. They are 0-2 to start their campaign and both losses were rather comfortable for the opposition. Silas Nacita has been putting the team on his back so far. Although 49 rushing yards isn’t a mind-blowing number for a running back but as a receiver, he is within the top three in the ELF in terms of yards and he has an excellent catch %. He’s also the only one in that top three who hasn’t won a game. Another score for him against the Raiders adds to the argument that he is probably the single most important player in terms of effectiveness on any team. Without him, the Guards would be in an even worse position.

Honorable mentions

This was another week in which I had to cut players out that I didn’t want to. There were more honorable mentions than I could even begin to get away with. Starting with the Rhein Fire not only from the Oline but also FB Patrick Poetsch who also caught a TD to open the scoring in the game of the week. Leipzig LB AJ Wentland is still a problem for everyone, the Wroclaw Panthers’ O-Line has been very good in giving the offense the ability to move. And surprise surprise, Panthers‘ WR Tony Tate is still ripping through everyone’s coverage schemes. There are more, but I can’t do a top 50 every week so that’ll do it for now, until next week

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