ELF: Top Receiving Performances through week 12

With 12 weeks of European League of Football action having behind us, it is becoming more and more evident that the ELF is a passing league. For reference, 67.3% of all offensive touchdowns scored in the ELF come through the air, compared to the NFL’s 60.6%.

We have seen countless great performances from wideouts, and many strong partnerships form between quarterbacks and receivers.

Let’s take a look at the best receiving performances through 12 weeks of football.

1. Markell Castle – Munich Ravens (Week 3 @ Helvetic Guards)

9 REC, 242 YDS, 4 TDs, 26.9 y/c 

Week three saw two new franchises face off in Switzerland, as the Helvetic Guards hosted the Munich Ravens. After the Guards gained a two-score lead with their only touchdown coming in the opening quarter, followed by a second quarter field goal, the Ravens dominated the remainder of the game. Munich scored four unanswered touchdowns, all four going coming from Chad Jeffries passes, all caught by Castle.

The Jeffries-Castle linkup connection was responsible for 242 yards against the Swiss team, putting the 6’2, 209 pound wideout on the map. He now sits atop the receiving leaderboard, being the only receiver to surpass 1000 yards in the first 12 weeks.

2. Jean Constant – Milano Seamen (Week 6 vs Frankfurt Galaxy)

15 REC, 238 YDS, 1 TD, 15.9 y/c

ELF All-Star Jean Constant had a relatively quiet first few games for the new franchise from Italy, but reminded the league who he was in week six when the Seamen hosted the Galaxy. Despite taking a loss, Constant racked up a ridiculous 238 yards on 15 catches, being Luke Zahradka’s safety net for the day with over half of his completed passes going to Constant.

The lone touchdown was perhaps representative of Constant’s season. Although he sits among the best in terms of yardage (823), he has recorded just three touchdowns on the season.

3. Louis Geyer – Stuttgart Surge (Week 9 @ Milano Seamen)

9 REC, 217 YDS, 1 TD, 24.1 y/c

In week nine, the Surge set the ELF record for most points scored in a single game, putting up 78 on the Milano Seamen. Of course, with lots of points comes many impressive performances. Perhaps Geyer’s shine was stolen by Surge quarterback Kenyatte Allen’s eight touchdown, 500+ yard performance, but someone had to get those yards.

On this day it was Geyer, who earned his lone touchdown in the opening quarter on a terrific catch-and-run for over 50 yards on a screen play. He continued to tear through the Seamen’s secondary throughout the game, racking up 217 yards on his nine receptions.

4. Robin Wilzeck – Berlin Thunder (Week 3 vs Wroclaw Panthers)

5 REC, 209 YDS, 2 TDs, 41.8 y/c

Week three saw the Berlin Thunder overcome the Wroclaw Pantherssomething they were unable to do this past weekend. Prior to his departure, Donavan Isom was struggling to find his footing in the ELF, but this game did not show that, as he went off for four touchdowns without a turnover.

The game was also one of the first showings of the potential Robin Wilzeck and Aaron Jackson have as a receiving duo, scoring two touchdowns apiece. Perhaps even more impressive was the ridiculous average Wilzeck recorded through the game. He caught five balls for 209 yards, averaging a staggering 41.8 yards per catch.

5. Nico Strahmann – Frankfurt Galaxy (Week 6 @ Milano Seamen)

9 REC, 175 YDS, 4 TDs, 19.4 y/c

You may notice that this is the second time the Milano-Frankfurt matchup of week six has been featured in this list, meaning Strahmann actually only had the second best performance in the game. Nevertheless, the German receiver’s week six showing was something special. 

Strahmann opened the scoring on the day, splitting the secondary down the middle, as Cluley found him deep for a 70-yard touchdown. The rest of the game saw Strahmann score on the goaline, haul in deep balls and contested catches, and of course a filthy route and catch in the endzone to help Frankfurt secure the win late in the game.

A current student at Bournemouth University as well as a quarterback with eight years of playing experience. Brad's goal is to be a part of the growth of the game around the world through journalism and media.