Emotions and rivalries key highlights of the opening College American Football Gameday in Mexico

The college American football season in Mexico has kicked off with an explosion of emotions and rivalries in the first matchday.

From thrilling games to historic moments, this season promises to be one of the most exciting in the sport’s

Borregos CEM 28 – Borregos Puebla 21

The action began on Thursday night with one of the standout games of the matchday, as the Borregos CEM faced off against the Borregos Puebla. It was a matchup filled with intensity and excitement, where mistakes played a crucial role. The visiting team from Puebla struggled with two punting errors that resulted in touchdowns for the home team. In the end, the scoreboard favored the Borregos CEM with a score of 28-21 over the Borregos Puebla.

One of the players who shined in this matchup was the Panamanian Mateo Scott (#0), who scored twice and was named the Most Valuable Player of the game. His outstanding performance helped seal the victory for the Borregos CEM on a night full of emotions.

Historic Friday at the Houston Texans Stadium

Tigres UANL 13 – Borregos Monterrey 10

Friday marked a historic milestone in ONEFA as the first game in an NFL stadium, the Houston Texans’, stadium, took place. This event was part of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Tecnológico de Monterrey and featured the Borregos Monterrey facing off against the Tigres UANL in another edition of the thrilling Clásico Regio.

The Coin/toss was performed by NFL ambassador Diana Flores, who has become a global figure in American football. Before the main showdown, spectators enjoyed an exciting Flag Football exhibition game between the Borregas from Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe and the Ottawa Warriors from the University of Ottawa. The Mexican team emerged victorious with a score of 27-6.

In the highly anticipated clash between Borregos Monterrey and Tigres UANL, excitement was present throughout the contest. The game remained closely contested for most of the time, with both teams battling for supremacy on the field. However, in the final minute, Tigres UANL secured a decisive field goal that gave them the victory.

During the first half, Tec dominated the game and managed to move the ball into scoring position. However, they suffered an interception and missed a field goal, which ultimately had an impact on the final score. At halftime, the scoreboard was tied at 3-3.

In the third quarter, Tigres took control of the game by scoring their first touchdown, taking a 10-3 lead. However, Borregos responded immediately, leveling the score at 10-10. The rest of the game was a fierce battle, and with just over 2 minutes remaining, Borregos moved within the opponent’s 15-yard line. In an unusual decision, they chose to go for it on fourth down and 4 yards to go instead of attempting the field goal. Tigres did not squander the opportunity and mounted an offensive drive that brought them close enough to make the game-winning field goal with only 44 seconds left. Borregos Monterrey couldn’t respond and Tigres UANL spoiled the celebration of Tec de Monterrey’s 80th anniversary.

Águilas Blancas IPN 42 – UNAM Pumas 21

Saturday brought us the most highly anticipated matchup in college American football in Mexico when the Águilas Blancas of IPN faced off against the UNAM Pumas at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium. The game was filled with emotions and standout moments.

Miguel Patiño was a key figure in the victory of the Águilas Blancas IPN over the UNAM Pumas CU. Patiño threw three touchdown passes and also scored a rushing touchdown, significantly contributing to the final score of 42-21 in favor of the Águilas Blancas.

For the UNAM Pumas, difficulties began early when their starting quarterback suffered an injury in the second series of the game, ruling him out for the remainder of the match. Despite this setback, the Pumas managed to stay in the fight during the first half, ending tied 14-14.

However, in the third quarter, the Águilas Blancas IPN managed to take the lead 21-14. Although the Pumas responded with another touchdown to close the gap to 21-28, the final quarter brought challenges for them. Despite scoring again and reducing the deficit to 21-35, in their attempt to execute an onside kick, it was returned all the way to the end zone by the Águilas Blancas, setting the final score at 42-21. The thrilling match attracted nearly 30,000 fans to the stadium.

Leones of U. Anáhuac 20 – Borregos Tec GDL 2

A surprise unfolded as the Leones of U. Anáhuac defeated the Borregos Tec GDL. Despite the Leones being considered underdogs, they showcased their defensive prowess and allowed only 2 points to the Borregos, securing a victory with a final score of 20-2.

UVM LInces 33 – Borregos CCM 29

On the UVM campus, the Linces seemed to be having a quiet day as they led comfortably 33-0 in the first half against the Borregos CCM. However, the Borregos staged a fierce comeback in the second half, scoring 29 points and putting pressure on the Linces. Despite the Borregos surprising resurgence, the Linces managed to maintain the lead and secured the victory with a score of 33-29. The standout player of the match was Panamanian Joshua Scott.

Aztecas UDLP 48 – UAEM Potros 0

In the city of Puebla, the Aztecas UDLP had an overwhelming debut as they defeated the Potros of UAEM with a score of 48-0. The Potros team faces challenges this season and struggles to stay in the national conference.

Pumas Acatlán 36 – Burros Blancos 28

On Sunday, another thrilling edition of the UNAM vs. IPN Classic took place as the other representative teams faced off. The UNAM Pumas from the Acatlán campus hosted the Burros Blancos from IPN at the Olympic Stadium in what turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the matchday.

The first half was a strategic battle in the trenches, and Pumas Acatlán managed to take the lead 19-13. The second half seemed to be under the control of Pumas Acatlán as they took a 33-13 lead that appeared insurmountable for the Burros. However, the Burros Blancos did not give up and managed to close the gap on the scoreboard to 36-28.

Despite the Burros Blancos final effort, they couldn’t stop the last series of Pumas Acatlán, which consumed the remaining time and secured the final victory with a score of 36-28. It was an exciting clash between two teams that gave
their all on the field.

Scores from the National Conference in Interconference matchups

The excitement of college football in Mexico continues in the National Conference, and in this round, the Northern Conference faced off against the Bajío Conference in a series of thrilling interconference games. The northern teams showcased their strength by clinching the majority of the matches.

The UACJ Indios stood out by defeating Arkansas State Querétaro with a final score of 31-7. Meanwhile, the ITSON Potros faced off against the U. Anáhuac QRO Leones in another exciting showdown, where the ITSON Potros managed to
secure victory with a score of 35-28.

The game between CETYS Zorros and Tecos UAG also kept fans on the edge of their seats, and the CETYS Zorros emerged victorious with a score of 23-14. The UAC Lobos, considered favorites for the title, showcased their skills by defeating Cardinals Incarnate Word University with a comfortable score of 49-20. Likewise, the UACH Águilas, another favorite team, had no trouble overpowering the U. Latina Lobos with an impressive score of 61-3.

However, the Northern Conference didn’t have a perfect day, as the matchup between UABC Cimarrones and Borregos QRO ended with a resounding victory for Borregos QRO, with a score of 20-0.

As for the Central Conference, the Halcones UV faced off against the Chapingo Toros Salvajes and unfortunately suffered a defeat with a final score of 18-6. Debutants UTECI Jaguares defended themselves with determination but were eventually outperformed by Leones Cancún with a score of 24-0. Finally, UT Friars shone by shutting out Lobos Buap with an imposing score of 33-0.

These exciting results demonstrate the intensity and competition in the National Conference, where each team gives their best in pursuit of success in college football.