End of an Era: Shuan Fatah and Lee Rowland leave Swarco Raiders!

Following almost a decade of coaching the Austrian/European powerhouse Swarco Raiders, and after a perfect, unbeaten (16-0) season, winning the Austrian, CEFL and ECTC crowns, the duo of head coach Shuan Fatah and offensive coordinator Lee Rowland have announced they are leaving the team.

Since 2011, the pair have been behind the enormous success of the Raiders, building the team into a juggernaut. Since joining the Raiders, the pair have helped the team to a record of 99-20 in both Austrian and international play, including five Austrian titles and three Central European Football League, CEFL, crowns as well as one Eurobowl championship.


That is as impressive a record as any coaching team can muster.

Shuan Fatah:

“Working with the Raiders was very special to me, and after my successful days in NFL Europe and GFL, it has enabled me to improve again. Well, at the peak of this success, after almost ten years, I want to face new challenges. My thanks go to the club, that made me feel at home in the beautiful Tyrol and that, with a professional leadership, incredibly dedicated young players, a first-class fighting team and numerous sponsors, has always best supported my and Lee’s work.”

Raiders President Elisabeth Swarovski regrets the decision of the two coaches, but also understands the decision:

“The dedication of Shuan and Lee was not just the right choice in sports, but also brought us many emotional, human moments through their personalities that I would not want to miss. It is understandable that after you have won everything that you can win in Austrian and European football, you want to make a break and reorient yourself. I wish them all the best for their future.”

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