Erwan Euzenat a key factor in Evry Corsaires’ excellent season start after promotion

After moving up to the top division in the French Federation of American Football, the Evry Corsaires are off to a 2-0 season start and lead the North Division standings, but the toughest part of the season schedule still awaits them.

The Corsaires made an excellent return to Division 1 by defeating the Rouen Leopards (38-7) and the Saint Ouen l’Aumone Cougars (41-17). In both games, Erwan Euzenat proved to be a leading figure of the squad not just as a quarterback. He also inspired the team’s rushing game. Against Rouen, he was unstoppable. After a sloppy start the Corsaires’ quarterback started to show off his abilities. All in all, he threw for two touchdowns and rushed for 40 yards and three TDs.

The streak continued against the Cougars at home when Euzenat threw for two touchdowns and also rushed for 24 yards and another touchdown. However, the season is getting even tougher because the French signal caller has to keep up this form against the other three teams in France’s North Division, the Asniéres sur Seine Molosses, the Amiens Spartiates and the reigning champion La Courneuve Flash.

Olivier Perrin

American Football International: You are off to a sensational start after being promoted to the First League. Did this performance surprise you?
Erwan Euzenat: First of all, we worked hard to earn a promotion, which came as a surprise, but we continued working hard to compete in Division 1. So, it was a surprise, but not surprising.

AFI: Which victory was more valuable, the Cougars or the Leopards?
E.E.: Every win is important, whatever team is in front of us. The Cougars were still a big win for us, because we are talking about a team that has been in Division 1 for more than 10 years, and who were champions 3 years ago.

AFI: This very good performance is also observable in your form. What helped you in this outstanding start?
E.E.: This, as you said, sensational start of the season is thanks to the team and the coaching staff. We are practicing better than we could before, and each improved individual performance leads to a collective performance with a good dynamic. Therefore, what really has helped me is the team being together, working for the same objective.

Aron B

AFI: Did the system in which you play in helps you in rushing. Or making runs is a spontaneous decision?
E.E.: The offensive system that we play fits me perfectly, with lots of pass plays and space. My runs as a quarterback are generally instinctive. I see open space and I take advantage of it to run.

AFI: What do you think the team improved in since the promotion?
E.E.: I think that since our promotion to the First League, the team has improved in all aspects of the game. We already had a great defense the past 3 years, with pretty much the same core players and new additions that have only made us better. The past two years, the offense has made improvements, first in the passing game, and since the beginning of this year, an effective running game. Actuality, we still can progress in all aspects of the game, offense, defense, and special teams, because our margin to improve is immense. With an average age of only 24 on the team, if we continue together, we could have some great years ahead of us.

AFI: What do you think the team is capable of reaching this season?
E.E.: For our this first year in Division 1, our main goal is just to stay here. We are taking the season game by game without being content of what we have done so far. Down the line, if we make the playoffs, it would just be a bonus for us.

László Makranczi is a radio reporter, announcer and American Football journalist in Hungary. He lives in Debrecen and works for the Hungarian American Football Federation. Studied at the University of Debrecen, got a master’s degree in American