ESS: Europe’s Top 20 – 7/2/14

The latest Europe’s Top 20 as of the 7/2/14

This is the Top 20 for July 2nd, 2014. It was a week filled with action with many of the top teams playing. Some movement throughout. We are starting to make wins and losses more reflective in the rankings as you will see this week. For example, Swarco’s loss the Prague was a surprise and this is two of the last three games they have lost. That is the reason for the drop.  Prague on the other hand have been very impressive of late and could beat anyone on a given day.

Braunschweig and Berlin looked impressive in their German league victories and deserve the two top spots. Vienna moved up finishing first in Austria. Schwabisch Hall has entered after excellent play and with a great offense been very impressive. Cologne’s loss has dropped them. They are playing inconsistently.  Sweden’s Carlstad Crusaders are playing great football and it shows by the scores. Switzerland’s Basel Gladiators have moved up to 18 as they have grown stronger from week to week. The same applies to the Copenhagen Towers at 17.

You may not like the changes and have a different idea. Or you don’t agree at all. But let us know. Send us an email.  If coaches wish to contribute, by all means do so. In brackets, we have added each team’s overall record, including IFAF, EFAF and transcontinental play.

If you have more information, along with comments or criticism, we welcome it. Please email me at roger@eurosportsscouting.

RankingLogoClubOverall RecordCountrySince last week
1Braunschweig New Yorker Lions(4-1)GermanyBeat Dresden 42-30
2Berlin Adler(5-1)GermanyBeat Cologne 38-27 and are also improving each game. This time the offense won the day. Extremelhy versatile.
3Raffeisen Vienna Vikings(7-3)AustriaBeat Graz 38-13 to claim first in Austria.
4Prague Black Panthers(9-4)Czech Rep.Beat both Swarco (40-21) and the Bobcats 35-27 on the same day! Will play Vienna in Austrian semi-finals.
5Danube Dragons(3-5)AustriaIdle. Set to play Swarco in the Austrian semi-finals.
6Thonon-les-bains Black Panthers(10-1-1)FranceWon French Championship over Molosses 35-34 in exciting fashion for their second title in a row. Coach Legault has done a fine job.
7Dresden Monarchs(4-3)GermanyLost to Braunschweig 42-30 in a tough physical game.
8Stuttgart Scorpions(6-1)GermanyBeat Franken 55-28. This offense is potent.
9Swarco Raiders(7-3)AustriaLost two of the past three games, this time to the Prague Black Panthers 40-21 and dropped to second in Austrian league as semi-finals loom.
10Kiel Baltic Hurricanes(5-2)GermanyThrottled Dusseldorf in Eurobowl play 59-6 to advance to the final against Badalona.
11Helsinki Roosters(4-0)FinlandContinue to win in Finland with a 57-38 pounding of the Butchers.
12Parma Panthers(9-2)ItalyPlaying in Italian Super Bowl this weekend against the Milano Seamen.
13Schwabisch Hall Unicorns(5-2)GermanyKeep getting better. Have 301 yards in offense so far.
14Cologne Falcons(2-2)GermanyLost to Berlin Adler 38-27. They are playing hot and cold football right now.
15Carlstad Crusaders(3-1)SwedenOverwhelmed Krisianstad 56-35. Very solid squad. Have beaten very good competition. Have not been challenged in Sweden so far.
16Tyreso Royal Crowns(4-0)SwedenContinue fine play beating Limhamn 37-6.
17Copenhagen Towers(6-2)DenmarkTotally dominating the Danish league, this time beating the Gold Diggers handily.
18Basel Gladiators(10-2)SwitzerlandDominating Swiss league
19Vukovi Belgrade(11-2)SerbiaThey are Champions League semi-finalists and have advanced to the Serbian final against the Wild Boars. Also playing for the CEFL title against the Ljubjana Silverhawks.
20Molosses D'Asneires-sur-Seine(6-4)FranceLost the French final by only one point to Thonon Black Panthers, 35-34. Terrific football game too

Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.