EUROBOWL XXVIII: Berlin Upsets Europe’s Top Team

Berlin Adler crowned  EUROBOWL XXVIII champions for 2014!

With an enthusiastic home-town crowd looking on at Berlin’s Jahn-Stadium, the Berlin Adler won Eurobowl XXVIII in a hard-fought 20-17 victory over the top team in Europe, the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions, and were crowned the first BIG6 champion. This was new Adler  head coach Kim Kuci’s first title in 2014 and the team’s second Eurobowl championship since 2010. Playing in scorching 30 Celsius (86 F) degree heat, both teams waged an intense, in-the-trenches battle, with no quarter given.  It seemed as if they were going to stay out there all day.

Adler receiver Danilo Naranjo Gonzalez opened the scoring, hauling in an 8 yard pass from quarterback Darius Outlaw, the game’s MVP. But on the following drive Braunschweig countered with a 27 yard touchdown pass from quarterback James Peterson to Anthony Dablé. In the second quarter, Berlin controlled the clock hanging on to the ball for more than 8 minutes., not allowing the Lions’ offense to get on the field. Nevertheless, after a field goal each, the two teams ended in a 10-10 tie at the half.

Early in the second half the Adler defense asserted itself. After a fumbled snap from Peterson, Berlin’s Talib Wise recovered the ball and six plays later ran into the end zone for a 2 yard touchdown. Adler receiver Conrad Meadows was a key to the drive picking up 40 yards to bring the ball deep into Lions’ territory.


On the very next Lions’ possession they turned the ball over again as Peterson was picked off by Adler defensive back Sebastian Karl in the end zone.

In the last quarter the Adler extended the lead to two scores with a 43 yard field goal from Phillip Andersen. With four minutes to play, momentum seemed to shift once more when Dablé scored his second touchdown of the day on a 32 yard pass from Peterson. Then, Darius Outlaw made one of his very few mistakes as he was picked off by Braunschweig defensive back Christian Petersen. But this was when the Adler defense stepped up, not allowing another first down in the game .

Strangely, Braunschweig generated more total yards (291 yards v. 224 yards from Berlin), but they were unable to beat the Berlin red zone defense. Turnovers and penalties truly were a difference in the game.

This was the inaugural EFAF Big6 championship. And Berlin proved that in big games they are very tough to beat.

From Kim Kuci, Head Coach Berlin Adler:

“This was a lot of hard work today, especially at 31 degrees celsius. On the field it felt like 100 degrees.  It was tough, but our guys never gave up. There were two to three turning points in the game, where it could have shifted the other way. But I think that especially at those particular moments, we put in more effort and wanted it more. Our defense made the difference today with that turnover and the fumble recovery at the beginning of the second half.”


Darius Outlaw, Quarterback Berlin Adler, Game MVP:

“It is the happiest day of my life. I’m speechless and super happy. I couldn’t believe that they chose me as MVP. Usually in a game like this it’s a team effort. Okay, I won the trophy, I’ll take it, but I’ll also to give it to my teammates. Without them I couldn’t have done it.”

Troy Tomlin, Head Coach New Yorker Lions:

“Our quarterback James Peterson played a very good game today, made really good throws. Our receivers should have done more. We didn’t make enough plays, when we had the chance. The Adler fought very hard. Hats off to the Adler, who deserved the win today.”


Source: Bjorn Hesse

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Björn Hesse is a contributor writer from Berlin, Germany. Having been a Frankfurt Galaxy fan since childhood, he played linebacker for the Leipzig Lions in Germany’s third league (Regionalliga-Ost) from 2003 to 2008. He worked as a PR intern for