Europe Warriors set to face Team Brazil

The Europe Warriors are preparing for their first game since the pandemic began with a contest against the Brazilian Men’s National Team in São Paulo, Brazil in March.

The Warriors played their very first game in Mexico City in a packed Olympic Stadium against the UNAM Pumas in August of 2017.

The vision of the Warriors is to develop a platform for the promotion of elite American Football players and coaches. The Warriors wish to provide new challenges and visibility to our members by allowing them access to exclusive competitions against prestigious clubs and entities from countries all over the globe.

The success of that first men’s game in Mexico City quickly led to a U19 contest against the Mexican National Team at Chapingo University in Texcoco near Mexico City in December of 2017.

The Europe Warriors mission is to bring together the best talent of the EuroBall leagues to compete at the highest international level possible. The Warriors desire to build new international friendships and improve the understanding of the rich culture heritage that each player and country brings to these games.

The U19 game was again played in a packed stadium, further fueling the desire to continue playing games on the international stage.

The success of the two 2017 games led the Warriors to another game in August of 2018. This time it would be another men’s contest, again in Mexico, but this time against the University of Chihuahua.

The week of two-a-day practices was grueling as should be expected but there was still time to both enjoy the city and bond with the American football loving community in Chihuahua

As we had found out in our first two games, Mexico absolutely loves American football, thus another packed stadium for this third edition on Europe Warriors football!

After the success of these first three games over two years, the questions were where to next and with which teams?

The answers were unique and interesting as well.

December of 2019 would be a busy, action-packed month for two new Warriors teams playing games on two continents.

At the start of the month, the Warriors traveled with a U18 club to Vienna to do battle with the powerful Austrian National Team.

Again, a great week of skill improvement, camaraderie and adventure was shared by all of these young Warriors leading up to yet another stadium filled with great fans of the game.

Only a few days after the game in Vienna was over, the Warriors reassembled in a totally new and bold version in Mexico City again. This time though it would be the Women’s Warrior team facing the strong Mexican Women’s National Team. The Mexican club was looking for an exhibition game to further evaluate their talent for the following Summer’s World Championship Tournament.

This fifth game in Europe Warriors history was another good one played in front of another large crowd.

All five of these games were clearly good examples of all of the values that Warriors football stands for in trying to promote the great game of American football for all ages and sexes on an international scale.

The organizers strive to emphasize and nurture eight core values to all of the Warriors, regardless of age or sex, in each of these experiences:

  1. Leadership
  2. Diversity
  3. Commitment to teammates
  4. Passion for the game
  5. Professionalism in all of our actions
  6. Resilience in the face of adversity
  7. Respect for each other, opponents and the cultures that we are fortunate to visit
  8. Teamwork

To date, all of these games have been successful when keeping these core values in mind.

That brings us to the organization’s long awaited, first post-COVID-19 pandemic game in Brazil quickly approaches. This game week is scheduled for March 19-28 in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo.  The opponents will Brazilian Men’s National team. There are still open spots on the roster but the team has set a final deadline of March 1st for any roster additions.

All interested players and coaches need to contact the Warriors via [email protected] immediately if they want to be part of yet another wondrous Europe Warriors experience.