European champions Austria ready to take on the world

As Austria graces the world stage at a fourth IFAF World Junior Championships, head coach Roman Floredo will take charge of his nation’s junior squad for the last time in Edmonton, leaving behind a legacy of success.

When Floredo took over from Chris Calaycay in 2017, Austria had won three straight European Championship titles, establishing themselves as the dominant team on the continent since 2011. Floredo simply continued to win, securing three more European crowns in 2019, 2022 and 2023, and will step down from the helm once he has challenged the world in Canada.

Austria kicks off the 2024 tournament in the opening game at Clarke Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, with a clash against Canada 2 at 11am on Saturday, June 22. Either Canada or Brazil lies in wait on Wednesday, June 26 to decide the order of medal or placement games to be played on Sunday, June 30.


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Michael Preston (@PRMikePreston) is currently working with IFAF in a PR capacity. He recently covered Super Bowl LVII as a member of the NFL PR team as he has done for 20+ years. He has held communications positions with NFL Europe, the North