European coronavirus update, country by country

Gradually, as governments across Europe gradually lift coronavirus lockdowns, American football federations are slowly easing restrictions preventing practice and play.

This is not an easy task as each federation grapples with a constantly changing situation. In other words, the difference between “Cancelled” and “Suspended” as stated below can be hazy.

Although some nations such as France, Holland and Ireland, have cancelled with no plans to resume any sort of practice or play, so far at least, others such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Austria have resumed practice in restricted fashion with plans for some kind of fall schedule.

Check out the list below with the current status of scheduling/play/practice. We do our utmost to stay updated on the situation in each country but it is not always easy so if there is a mistake in the status of your country, please notify us at the email addresses given at the bottom.

Current status of  European countries affected by COVID-19

Austria –  Season suspended – Practicing with distance. Some form of play is in the works.

Belarus – Suspended – No information

Belgium – Suspended – Awaiting final decision, no practice underway

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Suspended, no new information

Croatia – Cancelled

Czech Republic – Postponed – Shortened season scheduled for August 15. Practice underway with distancing.

Denmark – Cancelled – Practice resumed under distancing – some form of play being planned

Finland – Suspended –  Practice permitted in June – Some form of play is planned starting mid July to early August.

France – Cancelled

Germany – Postponed – Some form of play being discussed for the fall.

Great Britain –  Cancelled

Holland – Cancelled

Hungary – Suspended – Practicing with distancing. Some form of play being discussed for fall.

Ireland – Cancelled

Israel –  Suspended

Italy – Cancelled

Norway – Suspended –  Practice underway with distancing – Some form of schedule being drawn up for possible fall play.

Poland – Suspended – New league now organizing a fall schedule

Portugal – Suspended –  Final decision on whether to cancel season to be announced June 22

Romania – Cancelled

Russia – Suspended –  No additional information

Serbia – Cancelled – Some form of fall schedule being considered between the teams

Slovakia – Suspended

Slovenia – No information

Spain – Suspended – A decision on whether to arrange for games in the fall may yet be made

Sweden – Suspended –  Practice with distancing – Schedule set conditions permitting for mid-August play

Switzerland – Cancelled –  Discussions ongoing with teams for some form of fall play

Turkey – Suspended –  Discussions underway about whether to resume league play, play limited schedule or cancel 

Ukraine – Suspended (Some activity taking place. Awaiting an update)

Current situation

According to numbers compiled by, a total of 1,916,541 have contracted the coronavirus throughout Europe with 168,544 attributed to COVID-19.

American Football International will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they come in. If there are updates to this list, please notify us by sending a message on Facebook or emailing us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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