European League of Football: All Star TE Adrià Botella Moreno joins the Wroclaw Panthers

The Wroclaw Panthers have started making moves that have rocked the ELF.

The most recent is snagging the services of three-time European League of Football All-Star Adrià Botella Moreno. The Spanish tight end has seen major success in Europe and holds the rare distinction of being an All-Star on three separate teams and he is one of the best tight ends we have ever seen in Europe.

Photo: Tiffany Amisse

The 6’5 250-pound Moreno is a product of the illustrious Barcelona system with the Barcelona Búfals and Badalona Dracs, which has produced several talents seen in today’s ELF. From there he appeared for the L’Hospitalet Pioners between 2011-2013, achieving the 2012 Development World Team in 2012 and LNFA Serie A Best Tight End Award in 2013, as well as being named to the 2013 World Team for the International Bowl, playing as a wide receiver.

During his time in college with the Sioux Falls Cougars from 2014-2017, he played as a defensive end with some time on offense but came more into his own when he got back to Europe as a pure tight end. His break came in 2019 for the Allgäu Comets when he led the team with 439 yards and 2 touchdowns as a part of a 5-9 team. Following this success, he was part of the Danish Søllerød Gold Diggers team before returning to the L’Hospitalet Pioners before his first appearance in the ELF in 2021.

In 2021, Botella Moreno’s reputation grew exponentially with the foundation of the ELF. It exposed him to a more widespread audience and was his most successful season to date with 489 yards, six scores, a trip to the ELF Championship, and his first All-Star selection. Following this success, he dipped slightly in production as he took his talents to the Vienna Vikings with 376 yards and three touchdowns. It’s important to mention he had some injuries during this season, but he upped last season with the Vienna Vikings by winning the biggest championship in Europe and bringing the title to Austria. Notching another All-Star selection to his belt on the way there. With an ELF Championship and two All-Star selections on his ELF resume, Botella Moreno made another move, this time to Paris with the Musketeers. The Parisian franchise was extremely hyped in 2023 to be a title contender, and although they didn’t make it to the finals, Botella Moreno was a big part of their success. His 619 yards and eight touchdowns in 2023 was his most successful season in the ELF. Of course, this was met with another All-Star selection, making it three out of three for the Spaniard.

Photo: Sarah Philipp

Going into the new season, there was a lot of discussion about who would land Botella Moreno’s services. He has moved each season and is highly accomplished so was one of the biggest names without a solid assumption on a landing spot. The Munich Ravens, Rhein Fire, Madrid Bravos, and Barcelona Dragons were all suggested, but ultimately, the Wroclaw Panthers have secured arguably the best tight end in the league.

“I believe that Coach Christensen and the Panthers are trying to build something extraordinary for the upcoming season. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to actively contribute to that vision and to become a difference maker for the franchise.”

The hopes in the Polish franchise are high, with the bevy of excellent signings so far, they are certainly in the running as early title contenders. The quarterback position is yet to be filled but either way, they will be put into a great position to succeed with Botella Moreno’s skill set.

Only time will tell going forward.

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