European League of Football announces 2021 schedule

The European League of Football has announced its 2021 game schedule which kicks off on June 19.

The eight team league is divided into two four team divisions, North and South with the Berlin Thunder, Hamburg Sea Devils, Leipzig Kings and Wroclaw Panthers in the North and the Barcelona Dragons, Frankfurt Galaxy, Cologne Centurions and Stuttgart Surge in the South.

Each team will play a 10 game regular season, with the first and second rounds against teams from their own conference and against two teams from the other conference. The regular season winds up September 5 and the semifinals are scheduled for September 11-12. The championship game – ELB Bowl – is set for Sunday, September 26.

The first weekend of play will feature the Barcelona Dragons against the Stuttgart Surge and the Wroclaw Panthers taking on the Cologne Centurions on Saturday June 19 with the Berlin Thunder hosting the Leipzig Kings and the Hamburg Sea Devils facing the Frankfurt Galaxy on Sunday, June 20.

The Sea Devils-Galaxy game will be a classic rematch. The two teams were the last two teams to play in an NFL Europe championship game –  the 2007 NFL Europe World Bowl – when Hamburg beat the Galaxy 37-28 in front of 48,125 spectators at Frankfurt stadium.

Graphics: ELF

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